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Simple Sentences
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This lesson discusses the various ways of combining two or more sentences.

Devika Bahl
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  1. Sentence synthesis Simple sentences

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  3. APPOSITION It is the use of a noun r a phrase that immediately follows a noun in a sentence making a special reference to it. Example- Andrew is the director of the movie. He is working with Bryan Hill. Bryan hill is a famous actor. Andrew, the director of the movie, is working with Bryan Hill, the famous actor

  4. PREPOSITION Sometimes preposition or prepositional phrase may be used to combine two or more sentences. It is used with a noun or gerund

  5. EXAMPLES 1. Tom was congratulated. He had won the booker prize. on+ winning >preposition+ gerund. Tom was congratulated on winning the booker prize. on+ winning ->preposition+ gerund.

  6. EXERCISE 1. the moon rose. Their journey was not ended 2. he has failed many times. He still hopes to succeed. , her husband died. She heard the news. She fainted 4. he attended to his duties. He earned promotion.

  7. ADVERBIAL PRASE To combine two or more simple sentences, an adjective is converted into an adverb or adverbial phrase.

  8. EXAMPLES 1. Sheila walked down the lane. She was happy She happily walked down the lane. Sometimes the ADVERB too can be used to combine sentences.

  9. EXERCISE 1. the sofa is too huge. It wont fit through the door 2. he deserved to succeed. He failed 3. the sun set. The boys had not finished the game. 4. I accept your statement. I do it without reserve

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