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Steady Flow Process
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Explanation of Flow process. Calculation of work done in flow process.

Vidhi Shah
I am an M.Tech student of NIT TRICHY. I have done B.Tech in Chemical Engineering.GATE 2018 rank 704.

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  1. Steady Flow Process

  2. Hello! I am Vidhi Shah M.Tech NIT Tiruchirappalli You can find me at: unac

  3. Steady Flow Process

  4. O The fluid when enters into the control volume has internal energy, kinetic energy, potential energy and flow energy O Flow energy comes from the work done to flow the fluid into or out of the control volume. This work is known as flow work and is necessary to maintain a continuous flow throughout the control volume

  5. Characteristics of a Steady Flow process: O The state of the control volume is uniform and steady O The fluid flow at inlet and exit is also uniform and steady.

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