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Properties, Functions,Energy
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Solved problems of GATE 2006, state function, path function,energy, extensive properties,. Intensive properties.

Vidhi Shah
I am an M.Tech student of NIT TRICHY. I have done B.Tech in Chemical Engineering.GATE 2018 rank 704.

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state functions are exact and path functions are inexact??
Ma'am path functions are inexact differential.
  1. THERMODYNAMICS Properties, Functions, Energy

  2. Hello! I am Vidhi Shah M.Tech NIT Tiruchirappalli You can find me at: unac

  3. THERMODYNAMICS Properties, Functions, Energy

  4. Properties Extensive Intensive O Those whose values depends Those which are independent on size or extent of the system. O Examples: O Mass O Volume of the size of the system. O Example: O Temperature O Density O Refractive index

  5. Some definitions O Mass Transfer: Transfer of substance from 1 phase to another phase O Thermodynamic equilibrium: mechanical, thermal and chemical O Molar volume: volume occupied by 1 mole. It doesn't depend on at molecular level. equilibrium. the system, hence it is a thermodynamic property

  6. Function State function Path function O Those functions which are O Those functions which are independent of path. dependent on path. They are exact differentials. O Example: Entropy, internal energy O Example : heat, work

  7. GATE 2006 Match tha followingt List I A. Heat B. Intemal energy C. Work D. Entropy List II 1. State Function 2. Path Function Answer:D C D 2 2 2 d. 2

  8. Energy O Ability to do work. It is capacity or Capability to do work. O Intermolecular potential energy O Molecular kinetic energy O Intramolecular energy

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