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Polytropic process examples
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Detailed example to solve questions related to polytropic process

Vidhi Shah
I am an M.Tech student of NIT TRICHY. I have done B.Tech in Chemical Engineering.GATE 2018 rank 704.

Unacademy user
Shradha Gangwar
a year ago
thanks for watching
why did u take the average temp for calculation of Cp ?
We can also calculated the Heat transferred in this process by using the equation dq = nCp dT and integrate this eqn from 500K to 1000K. What''s wrong in this method.
Yes. I have the same doubt.
Naveen Dasetty
9 months ago
dQ is not equal to Cp dT as it is not a constant pressure process
Naveen Dasetty
9 months ago
However why don't we calculate delta U by integrating Cv dT as heat capacity is not constant and function of temperature ?
  1. Polytropic process Example Problems

  2. Hello! I am Vidhi Shah M.Tech NIT Tiruchirappalli You can find me at: unac

  3. Polytropic process Example Problems

  4. O In a reversible compression, 1 mol of an ideal gas in a piston cylinder device undergoes a pressure increase from 1 bar to P. Temperature increases from 500K to 1000K. Compression path is PVA1.5- constant. Heat Capacity is Find final pressure

  5. State State 2: P ba, lOOOK bar,Sook P V 1 . S Also, PV=nRT =const. V= nRT 1- S T' = cons t ant . 12

  6. 1.S O S 2. 2 2.

  7. What is work required for the polytropic process? n-i n- 8.314

  8. Calculate the Heat Transferred in this procesS 3136-8.314 = 2.3.ous x SOD = 11 S23 31

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