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Heat and Work- Alongwith linked GATE QUESTIONS
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Heat and work concepts, GATE solved question from 2007,2013,2015

Vidhi Shah
I am an M.Tech student of NIT TRICHY. I have done B.Tech in Chemical Engineering.GATE 2018 rank 704.

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  1. THERMODYNAMICS Heat and Work

  2. Hello! I am Vidhi Shah M.Tech NIT Tiruchirappalli You can find me at: unac

  3. THERMODYNAMICS Heat and Work

  4. Similarly between heat and work O Both are form of energy O Both are path function O Both are boundary phenomenon O Both are directional quantity O Both associated with process and not state O Both are exact differentials

  5. Energy transfer by Heat O Energy crosses the boundary of a closed system in two different forms, heat and work. O Heat is that form of energy transferred between 2 systems due to temperature difference

  6. Energy transfer by work O Work is the energy transfer associated with a force acting through a distance.

  7. GATE 2007 For the two paths as shown in the figure, one reversible and one irreversible, to change the state of the system from a to b (A) T,U, Q, W are same (B) T,U is same C) Q, W are same IRREV T,U,Q are different REV Answer B 0

  8. GATE 2015 Q.7 Three identical closed systems of a pure gas are taken from an initial temperature and pressure (Ti P1) to a final state (T2. P2), each by a different path. Which of the following is ALWAYS TRUE for the three systems? (A represents the change between the initial and final states: U, S, G, Q and W are internal energy, entropy, Gibbs free energy, heat added and work done, respectively.) (A) AU, AS, Q are same (C) AS, W, Q are same (B) W, ,AG are same (D) AG, AU, AS are same Answer D

  9. GATE 2013 Q.6 The thermodynamic state of a closed system containing a pure fluid changes from (T. p) to (T2, P2), where T and p denote the temperature and pressure, respectively. Let Q denote the heat absorbed (0 if absorbed by the system) and W the work done (>0 if done by the system). Neglect changes in kinetic and potential energies. Which one of the following is CORRECT? (A) Q is path-independent and W is path-dependent (B) Q is path-dependent and W is path-independent (C) (Q-W) is path-independent (D) (Q W) is path-independent Answer C

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