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First law of Thermodynamics
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Vidhi Shah
I am an M.Tech student of NIT TRICHY. I have done B.Tech in Chemical Engineering.GATE 2018 rank 704.

Unacademy user
please sir regular rahiye
Ma'am in Slide 6, it is stated that Heat and Work and Inexact differentials, but in the earlier video it was stated that they are exact differentials, Can you clear this please ?
Vidhi Shah
a year ago
inexact. all path function are inexact differential. all state function are exact differentials
Rahul Ponnala
a year ago
Okay, Thank you Ma'am
  1. First Law of THERMODYNAMICS

  2. Hello! I am Vidhi Shah M.Tech NIT Tiruchirappalli You can find me at: unac

  3. First Law of THERMODYNAMICS

  4. The Law O First law of thermodynamics is also know as law of OIt provides relation between various forms of energy and OHeat supplied to system- change in internal energy of conservation of energy. energy interaction. system+ work done by system.

  5. Confusion with the signs?? O The following two are considered to be positive: OHeat supplied to the system O Work done by the system

  6. Note: OHeat and work are inexact differentials OU, S, H are exact differentials.

  7. Constant pressure process: O In case of a closed system, work done is an internally reversible process, O Work done to displace the atmosphere is

  8. Enthaley PRESSURE we Know .. ^inns imal change: or

  9. OAt constant pressure, non flow , internally reversible process, the heat absorbed from the surrounding is completely used in raising the enthalpy of the system.

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