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Sports Section (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss MCQs from Sports Section. If you want to contribute, please !

Surya Pratap Singh Chauhan
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mam mai cic ke liye pad rha ho
Thank you so much sir.can you please tell a good book to prepare for sports section of mppsc.
Keep reading some monthly magazines, like PD, you sports section will be completed !
Sir pls suggest the books of these particular topics on which u made videos ..for mppsc
Please tell me particular topics, which you want to prepare ?then, I will suggest you books.
Please make more courses !
Nice Work Bro....
Thank You !

  2. About Me:- Hometown : Bhind, Madhya Pradesh Completed Engineering (ECE, 2016) from SATI, Vidisha. Currently working as SAP BASIS Consultant in TCS Rate Review - Recommend - Share Follow Me on

  3. Instructions:- Try to solve the questions before watching analysis or answer of that. Comment your score, in comment section (Be honest). . Also, If you have doubt in any question or topic, please comment. * This lesson will cover MCQs from Sports section.

  4. 1. The tradition of which game started with the setting up the Parsee Club:- 1. Hockey 2. Cricket 3. Chess 4. Footbal

  5. Answer 2 Explanation The Parsees were the earliest local community in India to take up cricket. They are known to have played the game since about 1840 and the first Parsee cricket club - the Oriental Cricket Club - was founded in 1848.

  6. 2. With which game is Amitabh Vijayvargiya associated? 1. Hockey 2. Cricket 3. Footbal 4. None of the Above

  7. Answer 2 Explanation : Amitabh Vijayvargiya is Right Hand batsman, Start playing for Madhya Pradesh Team, in 1986

  8. 3. What was the name of the Cricket World Cup played in 1987? 1. Reliance Cup 2. Benson and Hedges Cup 3. Wills Cup 4. None of the Above

  9. Answer:1 Explanation In 1987, First time cricket world cup is organized outside England in India and Pakistan. So, Reliance sponsored this cup and that's why it is known as Reliance Cup.

  10. 4. In which of the following years were Olympics not held in London? 1. 2012 2. 1968 3. 1948 4. 1908

  11. 5. In which year was Sachin Tendulkar given the Arjun Award? 1. 1990 2. 1994 3. 1997 4. 1999

  12. 7. Which of the following countries has never been a winner in T-20 Cricket world cup (Men)'? 1. India 2. England 3. Australia 4. Pakistan

  13. 8. Joe root is associated with which game? 1. Chess 2. Cricket 3. Hockey 4. Golf

  14. Answer :2 Explanation : Joe Root is the Current Captain of England Test Team.

  15. 9. In which year was the Mohan Bagan Football club founded? 1. 1850 2. 1879 3. 1889 4. 1901

  16. 12. Who was declared as 'Man Of the Series' in the India Zimbabwe One Day Cricket Series in 2016. 1. Jasprit Bumrah 2. Virat kohli 3. KL Rahul 4. MS Dhoni

  17. 13. The final match of IPL-9 2016 was played in the stadium of which State? 1. Maharashtra 2. Karnataka 3. Andhra pradesh 4. West Bengal

  18. Answer :2 Explanation : M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Banglore Karnataka. It was scheduled in Mumbai, but due to lack of water. This match was shifted later.