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MP Special Section (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss MCQs from MP Special Section. If you want to contribute, please !

Surya Pratap Singh Chauhan
Engineer, Love to work for Startups ! A Warrior fighting against Life.

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Not a productive lession you were just reading the slides.
Anurag Gautam
2 years ago
Don't understand anything !
Sudha Malway
a year ago
ya correct u r just reading d slides nothing new plz enhance ur course or ur topic
Hi Surya, Please make a video on - 1. books to be read as a bible/preffered for mppsc topic wise. 2. Analysis of pattern/trend of mppsc papers from last 15 years. Also please let me know how to download this video. Thanks ! Great work.
Thank you Mam. Mam, I will surely try to make videos on these topics asap. And Sorry Mam, You can not download these videos.
Can you please suggest the books for preparation.
Will Soon update on about that !

  2. About Me:- Hometown : Bhind, Madhya Pradesh Completed Engineering (ECE, 2016) from SATI, Vidisha. Currently working as SAP BASIS Consultant in TCS Rate Review - Recommend - Share Follow Me on

  3. Instructions:- Try to solve the questions before watching analysis or answer of that. Comment your score, in comment section (Be honest). . Also, If you have doubt in any question or topic, please comment. * In this we are covering MCQs related to Madhya Pradesh, Authors and Books.

  4. 1. Where is Roop Singh Stadium Located ? 1. Gwalior 2. Indore 3. Bhopal 4. Jabalpur

  5. Answer :-1 Explanation :- It is situated in Gwalior. Captain Roop Singh is very famous Hockey Player, and younger brother of Major DhayanChand. This stadium is also famous for, First time 200 in one day international by Sachin Tendulkar - 24th Feb 2010 Against South Africa

  6. 2.Who among the following was a Hockey Player of Madhya Pradesh? 1. Sameer Dad 2. Kirti Patel 3. Michael Nath 4. Amit Banerjee

  7. Answer :-1 Explanation :- Sameer Dad born in Bhopal, and played a debut match from Indian National Hockey (Senior) in 1998 Also, Played in Olympic organized in 2000

  8. 3 "Which of the following rulers got the JAHAJ MAHAL (JANTAR MAHAL) of Mandu constructed ? 1. Mahmud Shah Khilji 2. Alauddin Khilji 3. Bhoj Parmar 4. Hoshang Shah 5. Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji

  9. Answer :-5 Explanation :- Situated between two artificial lakes. Also, called ship palace. It is built by Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din- Khilji. This question is deleted by MPPSC from the exam.

  10. 4. Bhawani Prasad Mishra's Birth Place was? 1. Sagar 2. Ujjain 3. Indore 4. Hoshangabad

  11. 5. Which of the following books is not written by Kalidasa :- 1. Meghadutam 2. Kumarsambhavam 3. Uttararamcharitam 4. Rtusamharam

  12. 7. Who was the author of the Book RashmiRekha? 1. Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh 2. Bal Krishna Sharma Naveen 3. Harishankar Parsai 4. Bhawani Prasad Mishra

  13. 8. In which district of Madhya Pradesh was Chandrashekhar Azad born? 1. Khargone 2. Gwalior 3. Jhabua 4. Satna

  14. Answer :- 3 Explanation :- He was born on 23rd July 1906 at Village Bhavra of Jhabua District.

  15. 9. At which place was Habib Tanvir born :- 1. Raipur 2. Jhabua 3. Indore 4. Ratlam