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Miscellaneous Questions (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss MCQs from Different Section. If you want to contribute, please !

Surya Pratap Singh Chauhan
Engineer, Love to work for Startups ! A Warrior fighting against Life.

Unacademy user
Plz make analysis of mains for ecenonics
So, Final cutoff is 69 Questions for general.
boss what would be cutoff for pre?
It will be lower from the last from Year. For the General Category, It will be around 73-78.
Ankush Sachan
2 years ago
buddy...I have seen the last year cut off ...if ur expectations are right then I will say that that is a drastic dip in it
Ankush Sachan
2 years ago
r u also an mppcs aspirant?
Yes, It is sure, that there will be decrement in cut off. MPPSC is increasing their standard. That is very good. And, I am not aspirant but i want to give this exam once .
Ankush Sachan
2 years ago
haha...u kidding right!! improving d standard...this year paper was so cheap. u r saying 73-78 marks? questions? or %?
I think you have not seen 2016 Paper, If you compare both , then you will definitely get that 2017 paper was difficult. And i am talking about Questions not % !

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  3. Instructions:- Try to solve the questions before watching analysis or answer of that. Comment your score, in comment section (Be honest). . Also, If you have doubt in any question or topic, please comment. * In this we are covering MCQs from different section, not falling in a particular section.

  4. 1. In which year was the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act Enforced :- 1. 1980 2. 1974 3. 1981 4. None

  5. Answer :- 2 Explanation :- The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act was enacted in 1974 to provide for the prevention and control of water pollution, and for the maintaining or restoring of wholesomeness of water in the country

  6. 2. Where is Ras Tanura Oil Refinery located? 1. Iran 1. Tran 2. United States of America 3. Saudi Arbia 4. Iraq

  7. Answer :-3 Explanation - Ras Tanura is a City in Saudi Arbia. And this oil refinery is located there.

  8. 3. The tenure of the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission is :- 1. 3 Years 2. 4 Years 3. 5 Years 4. 6 Years

  9. Answer :-3 Explanation :- In the composition of NHRC, Chairperson, should be retired Chief Justice of India for the tenure of 5 years. Right now, Justice H.L. Dattu is the Chairperson of NHRC.

  10. 4. What are 'Ranjit Sub 1' and 'Bahadur Sub - 1'? 1. Two Fighter Planes 2. Two Submarines 3. Two new varieties of paddy 4 Two new varieties of wheat

  11. 5. Sunil Lanba is :- 1. The author of the novel, Masiha 2. A Famous Hindi Novelist 3. The 23rd Naval Chief Of India 4. The Director General of Border Security Force

  12. 7. When was the State Bank of India established? 1. 1954 2. 1955 3. 1956 4. 1957

  13. 8. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? 1. First World Climate Conference 1979 2. First Earth Summit - Agenda 21 3. Earth Summit + 5- 1997 4. Carbon Trading - Montreal Protocol

  14. Answer :-4 Explanation :- * First Earth Summit was held in 1992. and this Earth Summit resulted in the following documents . Agenda 21 . Rio Declaration on Environment and Development . Forest Principles * Earth Summit +5 To review the five year progress of First Earth Summit, held in 1997. First world Climate Conference 1979 in Geneva

  15. Answer:- 4 Explanation :- * Carbon Trading - Carbon trading is the process of buying and selling permits and credits to emit carbon dioxide. It is made with the objective to reduce emission of Co2 gas, so that Global warming can be reduced. Kyoto Protocol is related to this. *Montreal Protocol :- The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for ozone depletion. Signed in 1987. * India has agreed to freeze production of Hydrofluorocarbons in 2028, and this decision is taken on 28th meeting of parties to Montreal protocol held in October 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda.