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Geography Section (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss MCQs from Geography Section. If you want to contribute, please !

Surya Pratap Singh Chauhan
Engineer, Love to work for Startups ! A Warrior fighting against Life.

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all correct except 1 :)
Good Attempt Mam !

  2. About Me:- Hometown : Bhind, Madhya Pradesh Completed Engineering (ECE, 2016) from SATI, Vidisha. Currently working as SAP BASIS Consultant in TCS Rate Review - Recommend - Share Follow Me on

  3. Instructions:- Try to solve the questions before watching analysis or answer of that. Comment your score, in comment section (Be honest). . Also, If you have doubt in any question or topic, please comment.

  4. 1. Which of the following Countries does not share border with Caspian Sea :- 1. Azerbaijan 2. Iran 3. Iraq 4. Kazakhstan

  5. Astana AcTaHa Answer 3 Kazakhstan Explanation Georgia Ca Uzbekistan Kyrgy Azerbaijan rkey Turkmenistan Tajikistan Image Source: Google Syria banon Afghanistan Iraq Iran Pakistan

  6. 2. What is kayal? 1. Terai Plain 2. Ganges Delta 3. Regur of Deccan Plateau 4. Lagoon of kerala

  7. Answer 4 Explanation : The Malayalam term for a lake or Lagoon of Kerela.

  8. 3. Which of the following is not correctly Matched? 1. Canyon - River 2. Zeugen - Wind 3. Inselberg - Glacier 4. Moraine - Glacier

  9. Answer 3 Explanation : An isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly from a plain is called inselberg

  10. 4. Stromboli is a/an? 1. Dormant Volcano 2. Active Volcano 3. Extinct Volcando 4. None of the Above