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Social developments(in Hindi)
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Social developments in Gupta age

Arti Chhawari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

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padikunna sir thanna topic question paper & facts about india thernittilla chella thirakkil pettu nale complitakum sir .2days kazhiyumbol topicnanusarich 20 markenta exam edumo sir padichathentea almaviswasathinu. maths& english kurachu padikan tharumo days kuravalle ollu .sir class nirtharuthe pls ente job sir ente classilano
mam ek ques h ki huns jo h kya woh ek clan h rajpts ki 36 clan m se
Ma'am Pls Mic ki Quality improve kijiye!! Echo ata h!!! which De concentrate Mind From Topic to understand deeply!!! Thanks to Upload this Defined Lectures!!!
Madam the condition of shudras deteriorated not improved as they were not allowed to attend the religious meetings and the texts like Manu smiriti mentions a punishment of pouring the melted lead in ears of shudras even if they dare to hear any vedic recitals.
mam plz sare lecturers ki pdf upload kriye
  1. ANCIENT INDIA THE RISE AND CROWTH OF GUPTA EMPIRE (275 AD - 550 AD) Lesson 11:social development(partl) Presented by:Arti Chhawari Follow me at[

  2. BRAHAMANAS .Supermacy of Brahamanas -Reasons: 1. Large scale land grants 2. Guptas were accepted as Kshatriya 3. Presented Gupta kings as having attributes of god Claimed many privileges,listed in NARAD SAMHITA

  3. DIVISION OF VARNAS IN VARIOUS SUB CASTES 2 FACTORS FOREIGN INVASION . Each group of foreigner considered a kind of cast Foreigners as conqueror got status of Kshatriya Humans excepted as one of 36 clans of Rajputs ABSORPTION OFTRIBAL PEOPLE INTO BRAHAMANICAL SOCIETY Through land grants . Every tribe became a kind of caste

  4. SHUDRAS Position improved Permitted to listen Ramayana,Mahabharat and PURANS Permitted to worship lord Krishna Allowed to perform domestic rites which brought fee to priests.

  5. Ancient India by Ram Sharan Sharma Advent of Aryans and the age of rig A History for Class XI Veda Later vedic phase .Jainism and Buddhism First Magadhan Empire Iranian and Macedonian invasion Mauryan rule . Mauryan Empire,art and Architecture Causes of the fall of Mauryan Empire and the central Asian contacts Impact of central Asian contacts . Rate,comment,, recommend,review And Follow me at The age of Satvahanas . Sangam age The rise and growth of Gupta Empire