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Background(in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with the background of Gupta dynasty and how on the ruins of kushans arose a new Empire,which established it's sway over a good part of INDIA

Arti Chhawari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

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thanks a lot bhaiya
Sachin Rana
a year ago
Welcome :)
best teacher❤️of history
Tushaar jain
7 days ago
well, you are not wrong
You are awesome, my history teacher's words when she explained was like Chinese which i cant understand but now i clearly understood Thanks mam:)
You are awesome thanks mam:)
it's very bad to inform u that u have done 1 mistake mehroli pillar was about Chandra 2 not for 1 plz confirm it
  1. ANCIENT INDIA THE RISE AND GROWTH OF GUPTA EMPIRE (275 AD 550 AD) Lesson 1: BACKGROUND Presented by:Arti Chhawari Follow me at

  2. SATVAHANAS AND KUSHANS Acted as stabilising Kushans factors. Gave political unity Economic prosperity Kushans power came tvahanas to an end in A.D.230 .Murundas ruled till A.D.250 In about A.D.275 Gupta dynasty came to power 1 LAN

  3. King King Anonymous Local king

  4. CUPTA DYNASTY Golden age of India Founded by Sri Gupta . Ayodhya Saketa Patliputra Vaishya origin Original kingdom comprised UP and Bihar Centre of power:Prayag(UP) Prayag I LAN

  5. 375 A.D. Early 3rd century THE TRANSITION OF GUPTA KINGDOM TO EMPIRE Learnt the use of saddle ,rein, button coat, trousers and boots from kushans 450 A.D. Better cavairy Fertile land .Iron ores Advantage from silk routes .

  6. Ancient India by Ram Sharan Sharma Advent of Aryans and the age of rig A History for Class XI Veda Later vedic phase .Jainism and Buddhism First Magadhan Empire Iranian and Macedonian invasion Mauryan rule . Mauryan Empire,art and Architecture Causes of the fall of Mauryan Empire and the central Asian contacts Impact of central Asian contacts . Rate,comment,, recommend,review And Follow me at The age of Satvahanas . Sangam age The rise and growth of Gupta Empire