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Chandragupta II [part 2] (in Hindi)
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Chandragupta II

Arti Chhawari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

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Sir widow marriage to Dalhousie er amole
yes notes e to tai ache
seems as if the story of Vikram and vetal is based on Chandragupta 2(who named himself as Vikramaditya) and vetalbhatta('vetal'). maybe some work of storytelling.
Very Interesting thank you
interesting explaination
Read other books as well, Harisena was pure sanskrit scholar and poet of Samudragupta's court.So he can't be among the 9 gems of Chandragupta II..There is one more person in the list which you forgot 'Ghatakarapa'. Kalidasa-a classical Sanskrit poet was already present in Chandragupta II courts.As per logic there can't be two Sanskrit scholar/poet together in the same court. It's a mistake. 9 gems are Kalidasa(sanskrit scholar),Amarsingh(Sanskrit lexicographer),Varahamitra(Mathematician & astrologer),Dhanvantri(Physician), Shanku(architect), Kahapanaka(astrologer),Vararuchi(Grammarian as well as scholar),Vetal Bhatta(Magician), Ghatakarapara(Sculpture and Architect). You may even check in wikipedia as well.
Christina Rossetti
6 months ago
is she wrong??
  1. ANCIENT INDIA THE RISE AND CROWTH OF GUPTA EMPIRE (275 AD- 550 AD) Lesson 6: CHANDRAGUPTAII Presented by:Arti Chhawari Follow me at[

  2. KUSHANAS Purusapura % Taxila 450 AD OTHER CONQUESTS Defeated confederacy of enemy chief in Vanga Crossed Singh river and conquered Bactria In West,extended beyond Hindkush PUNIAB YAUDHEVAS Mathura Ayodh LICCHAVIS SINDH SAKETA GUPTAS KAMARUPA MALWAS Vidisha Prayaga Pataliputra MALWA SAMATA Ujain n DAKSHINA SAURASHTRA Nandivardhana KoSHALA amralipti cha Ajanta VAKATAKAS KALIN In East,it included engi eastern Bengal In south,Narmada river formed the boundaryy Core region of Gupta empire Outer boundary of the Gupta Banavasi PALLAVAS empire WESTERN O Outer boundary of the Vakataka K hchipuram Kingdom(s) NGAS

  3. FAHIEN'S VISIT .Famous Chinese pilgrim Visited India during the reign of Chandragupta II . Out of 9 years stay,spent 6 years in Gupta Empire Came by land route returned by sea route Purpose of visit:to see the land of Buddha, to collect Buddhist manuscript, Stayed in pataliputra 3years,learned Sanskrit and copied Buddhist texts .His account provide valuable information about religion,society,economy Assessed everything Buddhist angle,exaggerated,yet useful source According to him,Buddhism flourished in NW India and Gangetic valley neglected it

  4. AMARSIMHA Sanskrit poet Author of AMARKOSH DHANVANTRI Great physician HARISENA Composed "Prayag prashasti" ESTIMATES OF CHANDRACUPTA II er and glory reach ed Pow its peak Contributed in cultural progress Patronised great literary figures Nine gems or Navratna KALIDASA Immortal poet and dramatist SANKU In field of KAHAPANAKA . astrologer architecture VARAHAMIHIRA adorned his court. Panchasiddhanti ka VARARUCHI . Grammarian . Brihat samhita . Brihatjataka and Sanskrit scholaR VETALBHATTA . Magician .PRAKRIT PRAKASH

  5. Ancient India by Ram Sharan Sharma Advent of Aryans and the age of rig A History for Class XI Veda Later vedic phase .Jainism and Buddhism First Magadhan Empire Iranian and Macedonian invasion Mauryan rule . Mauryan Empire,art and Architecture Causes of the fall of Mauryan Empire and the central Asian contacts Impact of central Asian contacts . Rate,comment,, recommend,review And Follow me at The age of Satvahanas . Sangam age The rise and growth of Gupta Empire