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Samudragupta [A.D. 335-380](in Hindi)
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Arti Chhawari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

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sir english bi karo thoda
Now understanding History became more easy man
u r amazing educator tnks didi
You are the best educator of history.
  1. ANCIENT INDIA THE RISE AND GROWTH OF GUPTA EMPIRE (275 AD 550 AD) Lesson 4: SAIMUDRAGUPTA Presented by:Arti Chhawari Follow me at

  2. SAMUNDRAGUPTH (A.D. 335-380) Policy of violence and conquest. Inscription engraved at Allahabad on same pillar which carries the inscription of peace loving Ashoka is his military exploits:written by poet Harisena a glowing account of

  3. LAN GROUP 1:Ganga-Yamuna doab (Defeated ACHYUTA,Naga ruler and NAGASENA,Kota family)

  4. 7 GROUP 2:Eastern Himalayan states,frontier states such as Nepal,Assam,Bengal and republics of Punjab.


  6. Patalip tra VAS Kanchi GROUP 4: 12 rulers of eastern Deccan and south India. As far as kanchi, Tamil Nadu. Kings recognized his suzerainty.

  7. LAN GROUP 5: Shakas and kushans in Afghanistan

  8. LAN

  9. SAMUNDRAGUPTA (H.D. 335-380) - After the military victories,he performed ashvamedha sacrifice Issued gold and silver coins with legend "restorer of ashva medha" -According to inscription:he was never defeated by any ruler and forcibly unified the greater part of India He was called as "NAPOLEON OF INDIA"

  10. Ancient India by Ram Sharan Sharma Advent of Aryans and the age of rig A History for Class XI Veda Later vedic phase .Jainism and Buddhism First Magadhan Empire Iranian and Macedonian invasion Mauryan rule . Mauryan Empire,art and Architecture Causes of the fall of Mauryan Empire and the central Asian contacts Impact of central Asian contacts . Rate,comment,, recommend,review And Follow me at The age of Satvahanas . Sangam age The rise and growth of Gupta Empire