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Nucleophilic Addition: Reaction Mechanism
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This lesson covers the reaction mechanism for nucleophilic addition reaction along with it's application in aldol condensation. It's simple and easy to understand and a must watch!

Ankita Chowdhury
Student at DTU (Previously DCE); Chemistry lover; Passionate about teaching; @educator.ankita (Instagram) ; Let's make learning fun! :D

Unacademy user
Vikas Kumar
2 years ago
Thank you for recommendation.
mam what are the conditions for internal attack
excellent explanation di..
  1. Nuclkophuie Additon Point to Ramenber: Rate detoemuuns Stup CRDS) 2 Nu Sp R,- 42 SP 2 Sp bond

  2. his Step is v.slow g the Nu is a wery goad haming group, no Nu Nu OE

  3. Nu Nu Ri Q. OE. nd

  4. Nu at OH srain

  5. OH highana sa n Ht CH32 CHaCoOH