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Intramolecular Aldol
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This lesson gives an insight into Aldol Condensation within the same molecule and questions for the same. It's moderately important from exam point of view and a must watch!

Ankita Chowdhury
Student at DTU (Previously DCE); Chemistry lover; Passionate about teaching; @educator.ankita (Instagram) ; Let's make learning fun! :D

Unacademy user
Hii sir, glad to see u was ur paper??? It would be great if u can also make a little video on this years' mains paper analysis Thanks for all d videos and all d best sir ????
Sanyam Kapila
2 years ago
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Mam if in cases which are leading to 4or 7 or 8 membered ring, are we supposed to do cyclisation in then too or not..
Aksh Rajput
a year ago
mam intramolecular aldol is self aldol na?
Aksh Rajput
a year ago
mam intramolecular aldol is self aldol na?
Hi Aksh! Strained rings (3,4,8,9 membered) can't usually be formed, but reactions which form 5-6 membered rings are common for intramolecular Aldol. Also the answer to your second question would be yes. Intramolecular Aldol can be thought of as self Aldol as the same carbonyl compound is acting as both the electrophile and nucleophile. hope this helps. happy learning :)
Nice video Di... I want some more que on this topic
Ankita Chowdhury
2 years ago
Thanks Rohan! will come up with more questions shortly. happy learning!