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Esterification Reaction: Questions - 3
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This lesson covers the exceptions for Esterification reaction, along with some important reactions which are to be memorized. This is one lesson which you must not miss.

Ankita Chowdhury
Student at DTU (Previously DCE); Chemistry lover; Passionate about teaching; @educator.ankita (Instagram) ; Let's make learning fun! :D

Unacademy user
Sir you have missed many things in earlier videos you have not talked about eyes parts like corona pls pls don't miss anything we are dependent upon you
upload grignard reagent chapter after this ... many studants face problem in this chapter
Ankita Chowdhury
2 years ago
Sure. will upload Grignard reagent soon Kaushik Rishi. It might not be the next lesson, but it will definitely be uploaded soon. Happy learning!
increase the duration and number of questions if possible