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Carbonyl Compounds


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Ankita Chowdhury

This course covers all the various reactions of carbonyl compounds along with their reaction mechanisms, and questions for practice.


42 lessons • 7 h 3 m
Aldol Condensation

11m 07s

Aldol Condensation Questions - 1

9m 58s

Nucleophilic Addition: Reaction Mechanism

9m 25s

Retro Aldol Reaction

10m 36s

Cross Aldol

10m 42s

Directed Aldol - 1

8m 46s

Directed Aldol - 2

8m 20s

Intramolecular Aldol

8m 45s

Nitro and Cyano Aldol

11m 09s

Acidic Medium Aldol

8m 01s

Aldol Condensation Questions - 2

11m 42s

Aldol Condensation Questions - 3

11m 55s

Heating Effect: Di-Carboxylic Acids

10m 57s

Heating Effect: Gem Di-Carboxylic Acids

9m 40s

Heating Effect: 1, 2-Dicarboxylic Acids

9m 12s

Heating Effect: More Di-Carboxylic Acids

9m 53s

Cannizaro's Reaction

12m 26s

Cannizaro: Dianion Mechanism

11m 16s

Cross Cannizaro

10m 20s

Intramolecular Cannizaro

9m 02s

Tollens Reaction

10m 22s

Cannizaro Reaction: Questions - 1

10m 31s

Cannizaro Reaction: Questions - 2

14m 04s

Cannizaro Reaction: Questions - 3

9m 59s

Esterification Reaction

9m 37s

Esterification Reaction: Questions - 1

11m 41s

Esterification Reaction: Questions - 2

14m 00s

Esterification Reaction: Questions - 3

14m 28s

Decarboxylation (Oakwood Process)

9m 14s

Rate of Decarboxylation: Questions

11m 19s

Rate of Decarboxylation: Questions-2

9m 29s

Rate of Decarboxylation: Questions-3

8m 32s

Major Product of Decarboxylation: Questions-1

8m 41s

Major Product of Decarboxylation: Questions-2

9m 03s

Major Product of Decarboxylation: Questions-3

8m 55s

Heating Effect: beta keto acids, beta imino acids

9m 02s

Beta-gamma unsaturated acids:Heating effect

8m 02s

Heating effect: Questions-1

9m 05s

Heating Effect: Questions-2

8m 20s

Heating Effect: Questions-3

8m 01s

Hunsdieker Reaction:With mechanism and Questions

9m 22s

Important Q's: Hunsdieker reaction

8m 14s



10 reviews

Neel DN Soni

reviewed on Nov 14, 2019

mam really your course is perfectly covered to any entrance exams and yours teaching style is and once again THANK YOU mam.

dhruvam bhalodiya

reviewed on Oct 12, 2019

mam amazing course for iit jee agar aap pura organic chemistry upload car de to bahut acha rahega because app ke jese best teacher mene to chemistry me nahi dekhe kahi

Smitha kini

reviewed on Feb 20, 2019

best ever lesson for carbonyl compound on unacademy.....amazing explaination with best notes!! explained with best examples...thankyou soo much maam...hats off for your hardwork!

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