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Heating Effect: More Di-Carboxylic Acids
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This lesson covers the heating effect on 1,3- di-carboxylic acid, 1,4- di-carboxylic acid and 1,5- di-carboxylic acid and the reaction mechanism for the same. It's simple to understand and fun to watch.

Ankita Chowdhury
Student at DTU (Previously DCE); Chemistry lover; Passionate about teaching; @educator.ankita (Instagram) ; Let's make learning fun! :D

Unacademy user
Superb! similar concept qs are present in books like MS Chauhan 👏
mam please complete this course on carbonyl compound
Ankita Chowdhury
2 years ago
hi! surely I will do that soon! However until then you can watch videos of my new course Tautomerism, in which Keto Enol tautomerism (which involves carbonyl compounds only majorly) has been discussed in detail. happy learning! :)
2 years ago
Mam your teaching is very comprehensive and easy to understand. I would like to share a memonic my chemistry teacher taught me to memorize the names of a few frequently used di-carboxylic acids: Oh My Such Good Apples. Oh-"O" stands for the first di-carboxylic acid Oxalic acid which has 2 carbon atoms. My-"M" stands for Malonic acid which has 3 carbon atoms. Such-"S"stands for Succinic acid which has 4 carbon atoms. Good-"G"stands for Glutaric acid which has 5 carbon atoms. Apples-"A" stands for Adipic acid which has 6 carbon atoms. You're lectures are amazing mam. I'll be very happy if you share this information in any one of your upcoming videos so that it's beneficial to other students . Thank you once again mam for this amazing lecture. Have a nice day.
Ankita Chowdhury
2 years ago
Thanks for the tip Hari! This is a fun and easy way of learning the names of all the di-carboxylic acids. I'll definitely share it with other students in one of my lectures. Keep up the zeal for spreading knowledge. happy learning :)
Thank you so much mam. Have a nice day.
mam please add lecture on alcohol,phenol and ether
Ankita Chowdhury
2 years ago
hi! I will try to upload as soon as I finish isomerism. happy learning :)