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Modern History Lesson 08
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Nikhil Kumar
Defence Aspirant, Blogger, Educator, United Nations Volunteer.

Unacademy user
osm sir ....your teaching is so easy to understand thanks a lot sir
first sofs is Morley
Kuldeep Rawat
4 months ago
sorry Lord stanly
  1. Modern History for AFACT by:- Nikhil

  2. 106. Who presided Congress Session oh Calcutta in 1906? Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji

  3. 107. When was National Educationa Council created? Answer:- On 15th Aug 1906

  4. National College started and A. Ghosh became 1st Principal

  5. 108. Which things were happened during 1906 Congress Session? Answer:- Swaraj is Our goal. Resolution was passed on Swadeshi, Swaraj, Boycott and National Education

  6. 109. When was Congress spilt? Answer :- In 1907 at Surat Session

  7. 110. Who was President of Congress in 1907 Surat Session? Answer :- Rasbihari Ghosh

  8. 111. When was Muslim league founded? Answer :- In 1906 at Dhaka

  9. 112. Who founded Muslim League? Answer :- Aga Khan and Nawab of Dhaka Salimullah Kharn

  10. 113. When did Morley Minto reform bring to India? Answer :- In 1909. It is also know as Indian Councils Act of 1909

  11. 115. What was the main Feature of Morley Minto reform? Answer :- Separate electorate for6 Muslims Constituencies

  12. 116. Who was S.P. Sinha? Answer :- He was the first Indian to became member of Executive Council

  13. 119. Who was the Viceroy of India in 1911? Answer :- Lord Hardinge

  14. 120. Where was Capital of India before 1911? Answer :- Calcutta

  15. Thank You and God Bless You All