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Modern History Lesson 04 (in Hindi)
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Nikhil Kumar
Defence Aspirant, Blogger, Educator, United Nations Volunteer.

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thanks mam.... I'm waiting for your course of class 9th history as well....
Jeena johnson
a year ago
me too
sir telegram pe apka channel nehi mil raha hai
Nikhil Kumar
8 months ago
Ap mere ko message karo app. Use hta diya gya hai. Abhi kuch din bad mai phir se suru karunga.
Nikhil Kumar
8 months ago
Unacademy app p message karo ap
Kaushik saud
8 months ago
oky sir
  1. Modern History for AFACT by:- Nikhil

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  3. 46. Who was the governor general of India during Revolt of 1857? Answer: Lord Canning

  4. 47. What was the grievances of Sepoys? Answer: Crossing Sea, Greased cartridge

  5. 48. Which event is referred as 1st war of independence? Answer :- Revolt of 1857

  6. 49. Who was the main leader of Revolt? Answer :- Bahadur Shah Zafar

  7. 50. Who helped Nana shahib at Kanpur during Revolt? Answer: Tantia Tope and Azimullah Khan

  8. 51. Who fought with Britishers for longest time? Answer Kunwar Singh

  9. 52. What were the causes of failure of Revolt of 1857? Answer : Lack of Central leadership Lack of Reinforcement Poor transport and communication System

  10. 53. Who arrested Bahadur Shah Zafar? Answer Captain Hudson

  11. After Revolt of 1857, East India company was abolished and Crown rule started.

  12. 56. Who was the 1st Viceroy of India? Answer : Lord Canning (he was last governor general of India)

  13. 59. By which charter Act European immigration was allowed? Answer Charter Act of 1833

  14. 60. When did last charter Act came? Answer: 1853

  15. Charter Act every 20 years started from 1793.

  16. For Pdf of these lessons follow my channel on Telegram Nikhil Unacademy