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Modern History Lesson 01 (in Hindi)
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Nikhil Kumar
Defence Aspirant, Blogger, Educator, United Nations Volunteer.

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Q.14 Battle of bendara instead of benadwara
sir is this enough for the afcat.and cds
Nikhil Kumar
5 months ago
enough for AFCAT. it will provide you base for CDS
Kuldeep Rawat
5 months ago
ohk but when sir
plz uplode videos in english
explained very well in lucid way.. thanks for the awesome course..
Nikhil Kumar
9 months ago
You welcome. Enjoy learning 🙏😊
  1. Modern History for AFAC by: Nikhil

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  3. 1. Who discovered Sea route of India? Answer :- Vasco de Gama of Portugal in 1498

  4. 2. Who were first to discover sea route to India? Answer - Portuguese

  5. 3. At which place Vasco de Gama landed and who was the King of that place? Answer - Calicut and Zamorin was the King

  6. 4. When did East India company was founded? Answer:- 31st Dec 1600

  7. 5. Who was the first officer to come into court of Jahangir for trade? Answer Captain Hawkins

  8. 6. When did Jahangir gave grant for trade? Answer : In 1611, Middleton was the officer that time

  9. 7. When and where did First English factory was set up? Answer:- In 1613 at Surat

  10. 1st factory under Mughal Empire was at Surat and 1st factory under was set up at Masulipatnam

  11. 8. Who was the First British ambassador who came to India? Answer: Sir Thomas Roe in 1615

  12. 9. When did Dutch East India company was founded? Answer: 1602

  13. 11. When did Bombay became part of English? Answer In 1662 Portuguese gave as dowry for marrying their princess

  14. 13. When did battle of plassy happen? Answer:- In 1757

  15. 14. When did Battle of Bedwara happen? Answer: In 1759 British defeated Dutch

  16. 15. When did Battle of Wandiwash happene? Answer:- In 1760. British defeated French

  17. Thank You and God Bless You All