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Methods of Teaching - l (in Hindi)
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The population of a town is3,11,250. The ratio betweenwomen and men is 43 : 40. Ifthere are 24% literate amongmen and 8% literate among wom-en, the total number of literatepersons in the town is
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  3. Methods of Teaching . The teacher has a number of methods at his disposal to select from. These methods are as follows: . 1. Large group teaching methods . 2. Small group teaching methods Individualized teaching methods

  4. Large Group Teaching Methods

  5. . 1. Lectures .2. Team teaching 3. TV or video presentation

  6. Lecture Method Formal lecture helps in building up basic theoretical knowledge that must be gained before practice or before participative sessions. In certain situations, such as large audience, scarce teaching resources, or shortage of time resource, lecturing may be the only alternative. Lectures can be either one-way or two-way depending upon the presence or absence of the facility to seek further information, clarification, and explanation. To make lecture method more effective, the three factors, namely preparation, presentation, and evaluation, must be given due consideration.

  7. Advantages 1. Economical as it can cover large audience in less time. .2. Stimulates further learning. * 3. Flexibility of adapting the lecture according to time and equipment available.

  8. Limitations 1. Student may be a passive listener so teacher has to make conscious efforts to make it two-way communication. skills have efficient skills on taking notes. . 2. Not very suitable for developing mental 3. Stressful for the audience who does not

  9. Team Teaching Method Team teaching is an innovative approach in teaching large groups in which two or more teachers are involved in planning, executing, and evaluating the learning experiences of a group of students.

  10. Advantages . 1. Sharing the best faculty by more students. . 2. Optimum use of multiple teaching techniques and devices. 3. Improvement of teaching quality.

  11. TV or Video Presentation * Television or video presentation is an improved presentation of radio or audio presentation, and it can virtually bring the whole world inside the classroom. Screening of video presentation is followed by a discussion or task.

  12. Limitations 1. Less possibility for two-way communication. . 2. There can be difficulty in adjusting to complicated schedules to telecast period.