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Learner Characteristics -ll (in Hindi)
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sir can you share your mail id or mail me at
Thanks Sir, very important Mcq discussed in this lesson.My Net is coming . Thanks Sir, very important Mcq discussed in this lesson.My Net is coming
Thanks Sir, very important Mcq discussed in this lesson.My Net is coming.
thanku sir for making us understand things so easily...
thank you sir.. as usual awesome 😊

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  4. 3. Learner characteristics on the basis of listening skills Listening in an important skill, and there are four types of listening styles, which are as follows: (a) Active listening: It is listening with a purpose. (b) Empathic listening: It is a form of active listening in which you attempt to understand the other person. (c) Evaluative listening or critical listening: In this type, the listener evaluates the accuracy, meaningfulness, and utility of speaker's message.

  5. 4. Learner characteristics on the basis of thinking styles There are different thinking styles of learners, which are mentioned below: (a) Reflective thinkers (i) View new information with respect to the subject (ii) Relate new information to past experiences (iii) Always ask 'why?' (iv) Examine their feelings about what they are learning . . .

  6. b) Creative thinkers . (i) Like to play with new information (ii) Always ask 'why?' . (iii) Create their own solutions and shortcuts

  7. (c) Practical thinkers . (i) Always look for factual information . (ii) Seek the simplest and the most efficient way to do their work * (iii) Not satisfied until they know how to apply their new skills to their job or other interest

  8. (d) Conceptual thinkers . (i) Accept new information only after seeing the . (ii) Want to know how things work, not just the . (iii) Learn the concepts that are presented but big picture final outcome also want to know the related concepts that may not have been included