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Measures to tackle LWE
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superb sir .... second last example was extraordinary one and cleared all doubts regarding this topic ☺️ .....indeed a great way of teaching 😊 Keep it up for us ☺️
Sir how can social media and media curb urban Maoism? please give some points on this topic. thank you.
  1. Development and Spread of Extremism Lesson 6

  2. In this Lesson o How to tackle Extremism

  3. Mao Tse Tung once said: "If we attend to the problems and satisfy the needs of the masses, they will truly rally round us and give us their warm support.." The Maoist challenge can certainly be defeated. Besides weakening the Maoists' lethal capacities also essential to ensure that governance is improved, so that those prone to sympathising with the Maoists would realize the needlessness and futility of doing so. The two-pronged approach of rapid development and strong steps under the law and order framework in the region can eliminate this menace . . and reducing violence,it is * *

  4. The UPA had a two-pronged strategy to deal with Naxalites, whereas the present government has a four-pronged one. The four prongs, with caveats on negotiations, include security and development on which the UPA government has focused. . In addition, it includes entitlement for tribals by giving them land pattas and "perception management" as cornerstones

  5. Experts are overwhelmingly against involvement of Army because of . following reasons, . Army is option for the last resort . Maoist will use this deployment and some associated developments as deliberate abuse of power by government against poor tribals. This may earn Maoist sympathy of tribals. Our Army is already over stretched and if we start using it internally, our frontiers will be quite vulnerable. This we can't afford as we know nature of our neighbors.

  6. Only those officers who have proven record of having handled the Naxalite challenge should be appointed to the Naxal Management Division (Min of Home Affairs) Exemplary punishment to any person proved to be having a nexus with the Naxalites Encourage surrender and rehabilitation by having in place an attractive rehabilitation packages * . Involvement of the local population while drawing-up development plans . Posting dedicated officers as heads of the various departments and granting them security of tenure Effective implementation of development schemes and programmes

  7. Rigorous monitoring of the implementation of development schemes and programmes Saturate the moderately affected and targeted areas with rapid development Civil and police officials should be made to compulsorily visit affected villages at frequent intervals and strike rapport with the people Speedy delivery of justice Encourage and promote NGOs in affected areas Encourage universities to undertake studies that would help deal with the Maoists . . . .

  8. Undertake "Skill Development Programme", which includes inhouse training, pay appropriate stipend during the period of programme and offer free/subsidised breakfast, lunch, uniform, tool kits, etc Free medical treatment in hospitals and frequent camps for eye, dental, cancer, orthopaedic, family planning and other health camps. Lay wells and tube wells, hand pumps and water tanks for supplying drinking water to nearby villages. Construct all weather roads connecting neighbouring villages, besides providing street lighting and electrification in the areas . . .

  9. Police Sensitisation and training of all ranks of the police force across the entire affected state on activities of Naxalite Posting of young and enthusiastic officers in affected regions Giving incentives to policemen working in affected areas Adopting a people-centric policing and encourage community policing Frequently visit Welfare Hostels run by the government Victim reassurance . . . .

  10. Corporate Sector The industry could meaningfully and sincerely fulfil its corporate social responsibility (CSR) Free educational facilities for local adivasi children in the project schools Construction of new school buildings and additional class rooms Supply of school uniforms, textbooks and other stationery items to adivasi children, cash awards to meritorious students, to inculcate the positive attitude towards education Establish ITI/ Polytechnic College exclusively for tribal youth to develop local talent suiting to the needs of the industry . .