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Mcq 5(in Hindi)
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  1. 156. The prescribed standards, behaviours, principles or concepts that an organisation regards as highly important is known as A. Corporate culture B. Corporate image C. Corporate values D. Corporate citizenship

  2. C. Corporate values

  3. 157. Corporate citizenship is also known as A. Corporate Governance B. Corporate image C. Corporate Social Responsibility D. Both (a) and (c)

  4. D. Both (a) and (c)

  5. 158. A documents consisting of information or instructions used to guide the user on how to perform a task correctly is known as A. Job aid:s B. Job analysis C. Job bank D. Job description

  6. A. Job aid:s

  7. 159. Pools of retired employees who are used by employers to part-time or temporary position needs is known as A. Job aids B. Job analysis C. Job bank D. Job description

  8. C. Job bank

  9. 160. The method of advertising for vacancies internally by posting a notice of the opening on a bulletin board etc. is known as_. A. Job posting B. Job enlargement C. Job bank D. Job description

  10. A. Job posting

  11. 162. In which method of Performance Appraisal, whole man is compared with whole man? A. Man to man comparison method B. Graphic rating method C. Forced distribution method D. Straight ranking method

  12. D. Straight ranking method

  13. 164. It is boardly defined as the assimilation, extraction, transformation and loading of information from disparate systems into a single more unified, consistent and accurate data store used for evaluating, manipulating and reporting information is known as A. Knowledge mapping B. Knowledge management C. Knowledge integration D. None of these

  14. C. Forced distribution method

  15. 166. A compensation system that recognises employees for the depth, breath and types of skills they obtain and apply in their work is known as A. Skill- based pay B. Knowledge-based pay C. Competency- based pay D. All of these

  16. 168. Which method of performance appraisal was initially applied to German army in 1930s by Simoniet? A. Man-to-man comparison method B. Graphic rating method C. Assessment Centre Method D. Straight ranking method

  17. C. Assessment Centre Method

  18. 169. BARS stands for A. Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale. B. Behaviour Anchored Rating Scale. C. Behaviourally Assessment Rating Scale. D. Behaviour Assessment Rating Scale.

  19. A. Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale.

  20. B. Core work activities

  21. A. Direct compensation

  22. 173.Salary paid to A. Blue collar worker B. White collar worker C. Both (a) and (b) D. None of these

  23. B. White collar worker

  24. 174. Subsistence theory of wage is given by A. Peter Srucker B. David Recardo C. Rock and Lewis D. Dunlop

  25. A. Iron Law of wages

  26. 176. Who has given Wages Fund Theory? A. Adam Smith B. Karl Marx C. Phillips Henry Wicksteed and John Bates Clark D. John Davidson

  27. B. Karl Marx

  28. 179.Who has given residual claimant theory of wages? A. Adam Smith B. Karl Marx C. Francis A. Walker D. John Davidson

  29. D. Career planning

  30. 182.According to the Committee of Fair Wages, is the highest level of wage. A. Minimum wage B. Living wage C. Both (a) and (b) D. None of these

  31. 183.Which represent the lower limit of fair wages? A. Minimum wagee B. Living wage C. Fair wage D. None of these

  32. A. Minimum wage

  33. 184.The process of identifying and differentiating an organisation's product, processes and services from another organisation by giving it a name, phrase or other mark is called A. Branding B. Benchmarking C. quality management D. None of these

  34. C. 1L.O

  35. D. Career planning

  36. 188. Who propounded Task and Bonus System? A. Henry Gantt B. Karl Marx C. Francis A. Walker D. Taylor

  37. 189.The technique of job enrichment, shorter work week, flexible work hour, job rotation can offer A. Intrinsic reward B. Extrinsic reward C. promotion D. None of these

  38. B. Extrinsic reward

  39. D. Taylor

  40. 193.Who has given Psychology of Management? A. Henry Gantt B. Fran Gilbreth C. Francis A. Walker D. L.M.Gilbreth

  41. 194.Who has given Psychology and Industrial Efficiency? A. Hugo Munsterberg B. Fran Gilbreth C. Francis A. Walker D. L.M.Gilbreth

  42. A. Hugo Munsterberg

  43. B. Career ladder

  44. B. Chain of command

  45. A. Career development

  46. 200.The practice of allowing more senior level employees whose positions have been slotted for elimination or downsizing the option of accepting an alternative position within the organisation, for which they may be qualified to perform and which is currently occupied by another employee with less seniority is called_. A. Dumping B. Bumping C. Demotion D. None of these

  47. B. Bumping