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Mcq 3(in Hindi )
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Alisha Mahajan
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%Excess and %Yield and Efficiency concepts
Thanks Mam.. Nice questions
Alisha Mahajan
8 months ago
Himanshi Sinha
7 months ago
Yes ma'am nice question bank
  1. 156. The prescribed standards, behaviours, principles or concepts that an organisation regards as highly important is known as A. Corporate culture B. Corporate image C. Corporate values D. Corporate citizenship

  2. C. Corporate values

  3. 157. Corporate citizenship is also known as A. Corporate Governance B. Corporate image C. Corporate Social Responsibility D. Both (a) and (c)

  4. D. Both (a) and (c)

  5. 158. A documents consisting of information or instructions used to guide the user on how to perform a task correctly is known as A. Job aid:s B. Job analysis C. Job bank D. Job description

  6. A. Job aid:s

  7. 159. Pools of retired employees who are used by employers to part-time or temporary position needs is known as A. Job aids B. Job analysis C. Job bank D. Job description

  8. C. Job bank

  9. 160. The method of advertising for vacancies internally by posting a notice of the opening on a bulletin board etc. is known as_. A. Job posting B. Job enlargement C. Job bank D. Job description

  10. A. Job posting

  11. B. Knowledge management