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Mcq 24
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  1. 276. Transfer from Executive level 3 to 4 is a A. Promotion B. Upgrading C. Demotion D. Degrading

  2. B. Upgrading

  3. 277. Who has defined chronic absenteeism into five categories like entrepreneurs, status seeker, the sick and the old, family oriented, and epicureans? A. Richard Calhoon B. K.N. Vaid C. Stephen Robbins D. Lilian Gilbreth

  4. B. . .Vaid

  5. 278. The use of pre-designed set of questions used in an interview process results in a A. Behavioural interview B. Situational interview C. Non-directional interview D. Structured interview

  6. D. Structured interview

  7. 279. Which of the following are the basis of promotion? A. Seniority B. Merit C. Either (a) or (b) D. None of these

  8. C. Either (a) or (b)

  9. 280. Quality work should be good, with no defect is also known as. A. Pride and Target Zero B. Zero Defect C. Zero Negativity D. Both (a) and (b)

  10. D. Both (a) and (b)

  11. 281. People replaces their respective bosses without any problem is known as_. A. Switch Hats B. Replacing Boss C. Replace Hats D. Both (a) and (b)

  12. A. Switch Hats

  13. A. Workforce analysis

  14. C. Workload analysis

  15. 284. Job Analysis includes A. Job description B. Job specification C. Both (a) and (b) D. Workforce analysis

  16. C. Management games

  17. 286. Audits of managers are called A. Management inventory B. HR audit C. Both (a) and (b) D. Skill, inventories

  18. A. Management inventory

  19. 288.The minimum skill qualification, knowledge, experience, etc. required to perform task is called A. Job description B. Job specification C. Job analysis D. Workforce analysis

  20. B. Job specification

  21. 289 responsibilities of a specific job. A. Job description B. Job specification C. Job analysis D. Workforce analysis is a factual statement of the duties and

  22. 290. Which analysis uses historical rates of promotion, transfer, turnovers to estimate future availabilities in the workforce? A. Markov B. Rokesh C. Taylor D. Workforce analysis

  23. A. Markov

  24. 291. Which of the following classifies employees on the basis of age, sex, position, experience, skill qualification, etc.? A. Staffing/Manning table B. Job specification C. Workload analvsis D. Workforce analysis

  25. B. Job specification

  26. 293. Who has said "Recruitment is a positive process"? A. Harold Koontz B. K.N.Vaid C. Stephen Robbins D. Flippo

  27. D. Flippo

  28. B. Retrenchment

  29. 296. According to Flippo,. A. recruitment is a negative process B. selection is a positive process C. recruitment is a positive process D. both (a) and (b)

  30. B. selection is a positive process

  31. B. Indirect

  32. 299.The design of an organisation that identifies the organisation's hierarchical reporting and authority relationship is known as A. Organisational planning B. Organisational structure C. Organisational profile D. Organisational display

  33. A. Flow type