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Lecture 9: Percentage Composition ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed percentage composition. And solved question of percentage composition to strengthen the concept.

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Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

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sir pls have mcq on month of may-june-july-2016 & environment & ecology course for 2016 with basic & current affairs 2016 as crash course and one more thing science & tech. too that's something desired pls.....pls ..... this april month BCOZ lot of info. to consume & doubts, pls destroy them. HAT'S OFF FOR YOU SIR Dr. ROMAN
Yogi Anath
3 years ago
MCQs for may-june-july for previous year is already there. just search by the month name you'll get it
Prem singh
3 years ago
thank's man for reply stay connected. be focussed.
Pratik Amratiya
3 years ago
mcqs of june to march has been already made but solving all of them is very tough task as few days are left in exam so crash course on very imp topics from june to may might be more benefiacial in this short span.......
Prem singh
3 years ago
yes, crash course on imp. current affair of each topic like history-geography-economy-environment-s&t - very useful with source info. can unacademy do this for 2017 prelims. it gives huge boost up
C=42.10, H=6.43 , O=51.46 APPROX
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sir
desi desi na bola kar sir re, is desi ko sari duniya fan hori re
C- 42.10% H- 6.43% O- 51.46%
carbon - 42.1 Hydrogen - 6.4 Oxygen - 51.5
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