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Lecture 19 : Molality ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed concept of molality with solved questions. And also discussed relation between molarity and molality.

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Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

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Thank you so much for your efforts sir :)
Jatin Verma
2 years ago
Akon please.... It is a request:)
Renuka Tyagi
2 years ago
Thank you sir, he has crossed all his limits yesterday.
Aaron Dpenha
2 years ago
Hey Renuka. I'm sorry you have been subject to these discriminating comments (including the ones on the other posts). Be rest assured that there will be action taken from our end. We do not and will not tolerate any behaviour that puts our educators or learners at imminent risk emotionally or otherwise. Reach out to me directly at for any further escalations.
sir kindly increase the level , we are preparing for iit jee.
H2SO4 wale questions ko molarity nikalne k BAAD doosre molarity and molality k rltn wale formula se kr skte the???
from where can I get your practice sets
sir second method se answer nhi aaa rhi
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  3. Lecture 19 Molality

  4. Moleiy (n)t defined as number of Solvent m_No..f moles ef Solok moleewar mbe reset in Athen

  5. Relatiorahip betwaan M 4m.- P auraity S ^.lution m-molality MMalari mB molar mass of salute

  6. e 12 43 Molalily = 4.186 Kleo. = 5.027m 832.2

  7. The denaity of 3:03 M solution of acetic acid Lh water 1.014 g1mL. Calculate molality of seluion = 121.8 glet. =1013 89S.2

  8. 209 Na H Soluse Solyend 2.0 8 1000 16 0