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Lecture 20 : Mole Fraction & PPM ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed mole fraction and ppm with solved questions.

Anirudh Walia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

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Vaishali Pande
a year ago
You're most welcome!
sir y by x is equal to 49 kaise aaya hai
32x + 18y mein kaise x common liya plz tell!!!!
best.... but aap numerical bahut kharab samjhate Ho 30%aap ke numerical bilkul hi Samajh me nhi aate ki aap Samjha kya rahe Ho .....but aapke questions bahut acche rah Te hai par sir us chapter ke saare iit ke questions karwaya kariye.... then you will become best and toppest educator of unacademy and YouTube in india I salute your teaching skill
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  3. Lecture 20 Mole Fraction PPM

  4. Msle Fraction (X) subs 3 mP substance not Puie

  5. of urea ss water It 3 0t4S 30 60 tiI

  6. Mall {rachan 1 CHSOH in an aqueous 5. 02 and ik damitj i 0-994 he moloty and molabity Y U9 18x Y 9x49 = 1.13m

  7. -324132 994 32x+18y

  8. Concentraon n P?m :. m parts lo lakh gnann of solude per ls 3as solutio 19 man t salustion in

  9. Practice Sets - 2 .Cover entire chapter Ready for more problems