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Lecture 3 : Law of Chemical Composition ( in Hindi)
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This lesson covers law of chemical composition. There are five basic laws of chemical combination that govern the chemical combinations of elements. Law of conservation of mass, Law of constant composition, law of multiple proportion, law of reciprocal proportions, Gay Lussac Law.

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sir please update 15 march dna...
sir law of reciprocal proportion smjh me Nhi aya
remains topic si system dalton theory
remains topic si system dalton theory
How part of mass came out in the form of energy? Einstein equation.
why in 4th law mole is used ?
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  3. Lecture 3 Law of Chemical Combination

  4. LaJ o^ Chemical Combinatons'- Given by law er phpeal Mass cannot be cneated or dastrayed or chemica pro Rot This law ,s not applicable 4 the hubo and enenm ae inter Pro certes, whue m converible b E unsteins Equat on E = Am. c2

  5. 2) Laus of Constant Campoaction Giv ven Law f Definite Proportion must roust The Compohon ot Campouund ala Aamins Jkad aindindependend tthe oune from ush me Compa end obtained.

  6. "aw f multiple Proportonj,Giver. Given b Dadstor I tuso elumeas Combine to more thono ompound, then Jor fxed mass one elanens the mam os other elament Combined be in .an one. x C and 0 cambine to i weisht of c ve Co ound Co 1 2 3 2 Ratio

  7. | 4) Laus ef Reci Pro cool Pr porti n Richter third elament, the ma natio o the sirt

  8. o C Radio H : 0 in CHy and CO2 2

  9. Raho :2 H3 (4) Ratio s 2

  10. Gay Lus sac's Lau of Val. Combinati on According t this law," When tueo or more gases nac+ each ofhe. -f 3.we anothei gas of their volu mes This us applicable for gates