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Lecture 21 : Practice Set 1 ( in Hindi)
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In this video, solved numerical questions has been discussed by covering entire unit 1 i.e. Basic concept of chemistry.

Anirudh Walia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

Unacademy user
best teaching i have seen ever
Pradeep Sharma
a year ago
Nice to know ritesh
sir 1/m=ρ/M-mb/1000 iss formule se ans nahi nikal raha
problem 1.3 ncert page-18 ...Iska soln smjh nhi aa rha
sir equation solve kro please
sir 2nd question mein o2 dudhna o nahi asa mujhe lagta hai. plz clear my doubts
sir mujhe question no 3 me doubt h . aapne 22.4 l kaise le liya volume jb ki stp pr reaction ni ho raha .temperature to 373K h na ?
Harsh Raj
a year ago
STP ka mtlb hota hai standard Temperature Pressure.... jisme temperature 373 k and pressure 1ATM hota h and 1 bar v hota yha 373k and 1 atm diya hua hai isiliye 22.4 liya gya hai...... agar nhi smjh paye ho bhai then sir se puch skte ho. Thanks 😊
galat kaha bhai @Harsh Raj . AT STP Temperature=273k or 0 degree C
Harsh Raj
a year ago
miss type bro 273
Sarvesh navghare
9 months ago
question is written wrong
  1. Basic Concepts of Chemistry Unit 1 Chapter wise Chemistry with Anirudh Walia

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  3. Lecture 21 Practice Set - .1

  4. 3. x 120 modeulng an Aon wed "am g3ma of H.S@y, then number noles of Haso, by, is 3 4 01Xlo d) g.35 C 166 xlo Q1. How many moles magresium phosphode,M,Cra a) 0,02 i) 3. I 25x10 2 2

  5. Whod volunne f hydrogen gas) serruse. Uul\bC Covno mnd in obtaining 2/.G 4) 2.2,Y c) 41,8a 3.2g d) o. c) 228 mol

  6. 20 3 Molts 40MPwd: 3 01-23. 3.01xlo 6.02.3 3

  7. adoms aa mole A 6 x D.2S

  8. 10.3a Boron Co,

  9. a) 20,30 30,yo , 140,30 Sols, Mo(.dutofxy2 = -|oo d)80.0 3.01( x1 23 7 are a f 0

  10. Ready for Practice Set 2