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Lecture 4 : Solved numerical Based on Law of chemical composition ( in Hindi)
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This lesson covers solved numerical problem on Law of chemical composition.

Anirudh Walia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

Unacademy user
Thanks kapil Sir for such a detailed explanation about Mudra
wo percentage Apne kaise nikala sir please tell me sir copper ka 80 %
sir Apne 80/ kaise nikala copper wala 1 problem
sir is video me aapne Jo 10g bola na wo actually log lag raha tha handwriting se toh Wahi problem thi Thodi si...
Nupur kotharii
22 days ago
yr unhone 10 ko toh sirf 2 or 4 me break kiya tha toh ye toh 6 hi hue the na
sir physics for neet exam by anirudhwalia are available hai Kya on unacademy.
Sir why you haven't fix the mass of N2 in qstn nmbr 2.
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  3. Lecture 4 Solved Numerical Law of Chemical Combination

  4. : 2-7 1 CuO obtained b heading 2-163 Cu, with Conc. HNO 3 that thede data lust rate Law Constant proportions 2-70 IS These doto Polds lae Cstat Propor tions

  5. oxide Acondains 63-6YZ N2 and 36. 36% of Olygen ii) Oxide B Contain 46.67% N2 and s 3.33,.f oku G3.643 N cambine it 3636 y 36.36 0.s 3.64 oxide B, N 46.67% , 0:53-33r. 46-63 N bineuaith 3-33 S3.33 46.6

  6. ? : log KCLO3 heated "strongly as2kcio3L, 2ka+32 and Mest amod econ pose as mass-f xygen gas escaped out o.43a. What a

  7. Solucan o g also b B ince 0.43 a oxygeh