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Lecture 4 : Solved numerical Based on Law of chemical composition ( in Hindi)
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This lesson covers solved numerical problem on Law of chemical composition.

Anirudh Walia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

Unacademy user
Thanks a lot Sir....
hi sir app na ratio 1:2 KAISA LIA 0.5:1 ko
wo percentage Apne kaise nikala sir please tell me sir copper ka 80 %
sir Apne 80/ kaise nikala copper wala 1 problem
sir is video me aapne Jo 10g bola na wo actually log lag raha tha handwriting se toh Wahi problem thi Thodi si...
Nupur kotharii
4 months ago
yr unhone 10 ko toh sirf 2 or 4 me break kiya tha toh ye toh 6 hi hue the na
sir physics for neet exam by anirudhwalia are available hai Kya on unacademy.
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  3. Lecture 4 Solved Numerical Law of Chemical Combination

  4. : 2-7 1 CuO obtained b heading 2-163 Cu, with Conc. HNO 3 that thede data lust rate Law Constant proportions 2-70 IS These doto Polds lae Cstat Propor tions

  5. oxide Acondains 63-6YZ N2 and 36. 36% of Olygen ii) Oxide B Contain 46.67% N2 and s 3.33,.f oku G3.643 N cambine it 3636 y 36.36 0.s 3.64 oxide B, N 46.67% , 0:53-33r. 46-63 N bineuaith 3-33 S3.33 46.6

  6. ? : log KCLO3 heated "strongly as2kcio3L, 2ka+32 and Mest amod econ pose as mass-f xygen gas escaped out o.43a. What a

  7. Solucan o g also b B ince 0.43 a oxygeh