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Lecture 8 : Solved numerical on mole concept ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed solved numerical questions on mole concept.

Anirudh Walia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

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sir profit and loss ka bhi video de dijiye please.......
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sir video was nyc.....but i was a little bit confused in between
sir point vala question bilkul bhi smaj m nhi aaya
Sir in last sum I have done the following, 1 M of C = 12 g 1/12 M of C = 1 g 2*10^-12/ 12 M of C = 2 *10^-12 g Therefore no. of atoms = (2*10^-12)/ 12 * 6*(10^23) Is this way correct? By the way Very good videos cleared my doubts
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kripya karke apna naam Hindi mai likhe
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