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(Hindi) Basic Concepts of Chemistry (Unit 1): JEE Main & NEET


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Anirudh Walia

This course covers basic concepts of chemistry which is first unit of class 11 chemistry. With the help of handwritten notes each and every concept will be explained. Sufficient solved numerical added in this entire course so that students can command over the concept. Course will starts from basic of chemistry like matter, element, compound, law of chemical composition followed by mole concept, percentage composition, basic mole mole relation, empirical formula numerical, concept of limiting reagent, principle of atom conservation, measurements in Chemistry.



89 reviews

Rajdeep Debnath

reviewed on Jun 23, 2018

sir, mujhe element and atom ke bich me difference and compound & molecule ke bich me difference samajh mai nahi aya.

Roshan Srivastava

reviewed on Jun 16, 2018

LECTURE 22 ka Q3 and Q4 ni smjh me aaya . lkin Bahut acha padhate h sir aap , best part is your words of encouragement and support. Thanks.

Rewant Raj

reviewed on Jun 23, 2018

Answer: %of C=42.1%, H=6.43%, O=51.46%....Sir please make two types of sets one fit for basic and other for jee(mains+adv) level

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