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Introduction of Apartheid
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This lesson discusses the introduction of Apartheid in South Africa after 1948 elections.

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Nandini Maharaj
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Mam in last lecture u told that british had the control over south africa but in this lecture it is said that there was no power of british gov on the country please clear me that point and explain And thanks a lot for this course

  2. INTRODUCTION OF APARTHEID . In 1931 the union was fully sovereign from the United Kingdom with the passage of the Statute of Westminster, which abolishes the last powers of the British Government on the country. In 1948, the National Party was elected to power. It strengthened the racial segregation begun under Dutch and British colonial rule. After the Second World War there were important changes in the way black Africans were treated Under Prime Minister Malan (1948-54), a new polioy called apartheid (separateness) was introduced. This tightened up control over blacks still further.

  3. Apartheid as an officially structured policy was introduced after the general election of 1948. The first grand apartheid law was the Population Registration Act of 1950, which formalised racial classification and introduced an identity card for all persons over the age of 18, specifying their racial group. Legislation classified inhabitants into four racial groups-"black" "white", "coloured", and "Indian", and residential areas were segregated. uce n meces inn side by side. Group Areas Act of 1950 put an end to diverse areas and determined where one lived according to race.

  4. For political reasons, the classification of "honorary white" was granted to immigrants from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea countries with which South Africa maintained diplomatic and economic relations.

  5. Why was apartheid introduced? When India and Pakistan were given independence in 1947, white South Africans became alarmed at the growing racial equality within the Commonwealth, and they were determined to preserve their supremacy. Most of the whites, especially those of Dutch origin, were against racial equality, but the most extreme were the Afrikaner Nationalist Party led by Dr Malan They claimed that whites were a master race, and that non-whites were inferior beings.

  6. The Dutch Reformed Church (the official state church of South Africa) supported this view and quoted passages from the Bible which, they claimed, proved their theory. This was very much out of line with the rest or the Christian churches, which believe in racial equality - The Broederbond was a secret Afrikaner organization which worked to protect and preserve Afrikaner power. The Nationalists won the 1948 elections with promises to rescue the whites from the 'black menace' and to preserve the racial purity of the whites. - This would help to ensure continued white supremacy.

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