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Government initiatives in the region
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Mam, in slide 12 you are saying that MALWA PLATEAU is seperated from DECAAN PLATEAU by VINDHAYAS BUT THEN YOU SAYING THAT malwa plateau is between ARAVALI AND SATPURA RANGE. #Doubt 1st - Then according to it DECCAN PLATEAU SHOULD BE SEPRATED BY MALWA BY SATPURA NA instead of vindhyas #DOUBT 2ND But according to the map on internet Malwa plateau is between aravali and vindhayas,not satpura Please clear it mam!
Ramlal Damor
2 years ago
i think you should check your ncert lessons
Ramlal Damor
2 years ago
satpura & vindhyas are near so mam confuse
Manoj kumar
8 months ago
mam , make a mistake , Malwa Plateau lie between Aravali and vindhya range . and deccan plateau separated from Malwa by Vindhya range.

  2. In This Lesson North-East Insurgencies Government Initiatives In The Region Present Trends Conclusion And Recommendations

  3. Government Initiatives in the Region(1/6) Some of the Schemes undertaken by Government: Reimbursement of Security Related Expenditure (SRE) . Scheme for Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation of militants in North East Civic Action Programme in North Eastern States Rehabilitation And Repartition of Bru Migrants from Tripura to Mizoram Helicopter Service in the North East

  4. Government Initiatives in the Region(2/6) Reimbursement of Security Related Expenditure (SRE) rty Related Espendturelste for The Central Government has been implementing a scheme for reimbursement of Security Related Expenditure(SRE) for the states seriously affected by insurgency The scheme is being implemented in all states of the region except Mizoram and Sikkim Under the scheme, the expenditure incurred by the states on various items is being reimbursed. .

  5. Government Initiatives in the Region(3/6) Scheme for Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation of militants in North East The scheme is to wean away the misguided youth and hardcore militant who have strayed into the fold of militancy and find themselves trapped into that net. The Scheme also seeks to ensure that the militants who have surrendered do not find it attractive to join militancy again. Pursuant to this policy, many cadres of various insurgent groups of NE region have surrendered and joined the mainstream of the society

  6. Government Initiatives in the Region(4/6) Civic Action Programme in North Eastern States .Since some of the NE states are affected by insurgency and militancy there is a constant need to deploy Army and other Central Armed Police Forces(CRPF) in the region to combat insurgency. In order to take the local populace in confidence and boost the image of armed forces among the common people, Army and CRPF conduct Civic Action Programme . .Under this programme, various welfare/developmental activities are undertaken .Some of the activities are holding of medical camps, sanitation drives, sports meets, distribution of study material to children, minor repairs of school buildings, roads, bridges and running adult education centers.

  7. Government Initiatives in the Region(5/6) Rehabilitation And Repartition of Bru Migrants from Tripura to Mizoram Due to attack on minority Reang tribes by Mizo villagers, a number of Bru (Reang) families from Western Mizoram migrated to Northern Tripura from October 1997 onwards The Ministry of Home Affairs have been extending grants-in-aid to the Government of Mizoram for rehabilitation/resettlement of Brus and to Government of Tripura for maintenance of Brus lodged in various relief camps.

  8. Government Initiatives in the Region(6/6) Helicopter Service in the North East In order to provide connectivity to remote areas as also for providing air connectivity to these areas with rest of India, helicopter services are in operation in the six states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Mizoram under non-plan scheme with subsidy from MHA. The objective of the scheme was to provide remote area connectivity by air, emergency evacuation of people, medical services in remote areas and to meet challenges during natural disaster. .