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Factors responsible for insurgencies in NE Region 2/2
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This lesson covers: Factors responsible for insurgencies in NE Region.

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Sir, can you elaborate AFSPA and it's provisions ?

  2. In This Lesson Factors Responsible for Insurgencies In The North-East

  3. Factors Responsible for Insurgencies In The North-East External Support .Perhaps one of the most critical dimensions of insurgent groups is external support Support from neighbouring countries could be political, moral, military, economic, territorial or cultural and based on ethnic ties. The Availability of Arms .The easy availability of arms in Northeast India enables the NSCN (IM), the ULFA, .The internet and mobile telephones are routinely used for communication using The material conditions for an armed rebellion to exist are financial and military the UNLF and the PLA to sustain their armed movements. coded texts. Small arms are also easily available from across the border especially in Bangladesh and Myanmar

  4. Factors Responsible for Insurgencies In The North-East Border issues . The international borders in the North east are extremely porous. . Thus, cross border infiltration of militants, and smuggling of arms are rampant in the region. Dimapur has become the hub for the collection of sophisticated arms smuggled from across the border, especially Myanmar. China has differing claim in Arunachal Pradesh. Along the westernmost corner, Chinese claim line lay 20 kms south and in the eastern most extreme of Arunachal Pradesh it lay 30 km south. International boundaries in the North East have not crystallised into lines separating sovereign countries on the ground.

  5. Factors Responsible for Insurgencies In The North-East Issues of governance Siphoning out large scale public funds by politicians and bueaurocrats. The regular violations of human rights through AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act) has led to a radicalization and militarization of the region. The Act violates provisions of international human rights law, including the right to life, the right to be protected from arbitrary arrest and detention, and the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. It also denies the victims of the abuses the right to a remedy.

  6. Factors Responsible for Insurgencies In The North-East Ethnic Identity Ethnicity has been the another dominant factor contributing to the unrest Northeast. . The people of NE have historical links and ethnic overlap with people people across the borders in neighbouring nations, especially Myanmar. in neighbouring nations, esnejueriap Migrants from Thailand and Myanmar have settled down in the NER, since time immemorial. The reawakening of ethnic and tribal identities and roots have contributed to the growth of modernization and political awakening. The reorganistion of the Northeast and formation of separate states were the outcome of this ethnic conscience.

  7. Factors Responsible for Insurgencies In The North-East Other Factors Apart from the above, other factors responsible for insurgencies: Large-scale unemployment .Economic deprivation/Poor infrastructure Ilegal Migration Lack of good leadership and popular support. Sense of Neglect and Alienation Pressure on Landd Inappropriate/Uneven development in the region.