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Geographical Spread of the Various Agro-Based Industries
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In this lesson ,Manav has explained the geographical spread of the various agro-based industries- cotton, jute, woolen, textiles, sugarcane and their problems and prospects.

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Please check the Manchester of the North
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  1. Agriculture And It's Allied Sectors-Lesson 7 By-: Manavdeep Singh Sandhu

  2. About me -Production Engineering from PEC University of Technology Appeared for CSE Mains in 2013, 2014. Hobbies-Travelling and Youtube. Follow me at USPA

  3. Agro-Based Industries - Decentralized. Broadest industrial base. Highest employment. Inclusive development. Major: textile and sugar. Minor: paper, leather, food- processing

  4. Textile Industry-Cotton Modern mills- Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. Minor decentralization 20th century- Gujarat, T.N. Post independence-country wide decentralization Determiner of location-primary raw materials. Other determiners- market orientation, cheap supply of labour and water resource. Major producers- Maharashtra, Gujarat and T.N. Mumbai- Cottonopolis of the country Ahmedabad- The Manchester of Northern India.

  5. Challenges and Prospects Challenges: Lower productivity-less output per labour, erratic power supply. Unusual weather mechanism-irregularity of yield from agricultural field. Prospects: External -quantative restrictions on China,Specialized cotton printing - Internal- Industries' involvement in apparel.

  6. Jute - Raw material oriented industry. More than 90% production along Hooghly in WB. Prominent cetres- Kolkata, Haora, Murshidabad Other states- A.P.,U.P. Bihar, Odisha and Assam Same agro-climatic conditions as that of rice. Lack of consistency of production towards the market, less preferred for wearing. Vegetable fibre, biodegradable, versatile nature- fibre of the millennium and geo-textile. Rewamping in wearing apparel, potential- packaging sector, substitute to wood in cargo packaging

  7. Supplementing polythene bags. Canal maintenance. Water use efficiency

  8. Woolen textile Minor constituent of textile industry. - Kanpur followed by Mumbai- based on imports of wool. Hoisery works-Punjab and Haryana. Woolen carpet weaving-pan India- Srinagar, Jaipur, Bhopal- house hold and cottage industries.

  9. Sugar Mills Traditional agro based industry. - Beginning of 20th century- concentrated growth of sugar mills UP and Bihar. Cane-bulky- raw material oriented industry Cultivation of cane in big agro-climatic zone, commercial utilization of by-products- decentralized development. Major producers-Maharashtra and U.P >60%

  10. Maharashtra vs U.P. - Combination of natural and economic setup. Tropical climate, higher sucrose level in cane, longer crushing period and cooperative functioning- Mh - Subtropical climate, lower sucrose levels, shorter crushing period and consistent economic tussle between cane growers and mill owners-U.P.