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Climate and Patterns of Distribution (Tobacco, Groundnut, Sesamum, Rapeseed, Mustard, Tea, Coffee and Rubber)
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Through this lesson, Manav has explained the favorable climate and patterns of distribution of tobacco, groundnut, sesamum, rapeseed, mustard, tea, coffee and rubber.

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  1. Agriculture And It's Allied Sectors-Lesson 3 By-: Manavdeep Singh Sandhu

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  3. lobaCCO - Tropical as well as sub tropical zone. - Temperature- 16-35C. - Rainfall- Normally 100cm of annual rain but can also be successfully grown in areas of 50cm of annual rainfall. - Sensitive to water logging Soil- sandy loams rich in mineral salts. Tobacco grows in poor, marginal soils that are largely unsuitable for cultivation of other crops. It is a highly labour intensive and remunerative crop providing much higher returns than other crops grown in the region

  4. Groundnut- Rainfed Kharif Crop Temperature- 20-30C Rainfall-50-75 cms Highly susceptible to frost, prolonged drought, continuous rain and stagnant water. Dry winter is needed at the time of ripening. - Soil- well drained. Areas- Gujarat, T.N, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the leading producers.

  5. Sesamum or Sesame(Til)- Rainfed Kharif Crop Temperature- 21C-23C - Rainfall 45-50cm. - Soil- well drained loamy. Major producers are Gujarat, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra

  6. Rapeseed and Mustard- Rabi rainfed Require cool and dry climate. Not drought tolerant and frost sensitive. climafe -Rainfall- 35-45cms. Areas- Rajasthan (1/3rd), U.P., Haryana, W.B. and M.P

  7. Tea -Tropical and sub tropical plant. - Temperature- 20-30C Elevation- 600-1800m. - Temperature above 35C and below 10C are harmful. Rainfall-150cm -300cm (well distributed throughout the year) High humidity, heavy dew and morning fog favor rapid development Requires heavy rain, stagnant water is dangerous. Areas- Brahmaputra valley of Assam, sub-Himalayan region of W.B., lower slopes of Nilgiri and Cardamom hills in Western ghats.

  8. Coffee Brought to India by Baba Budan and raised in Baba Budan hills of Karnataka. India grows superior quality coffee Arabica. Temperature- 15C-28C Elevation 600-1600m. Rainfall- 150cm-250cm. Does not tolerated frost, snowfall, high temperature above 30C, strong sunshine and stagnant water. Areas- cultivated in highlands of Western Ghats in Karnataka, Kerala and T.N.

  9. Rubber Hot and humid climate. (Tall tree 20-30m) Temperature- 25C-35C. - Rainfall- over 200cm. - Soil- deep well drained loamy soil. Elevation-300-450m. Yields decline at higher elevation, no plants are found above 700m. -Areas- Kerala, Karnataka and T.N.