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Climate Conditions and Patterns of Distribution of Crops (Bajra, Ragi, Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, Gram and Tur)
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Manav by this lesson explains the climate conditions and patterns of distribution of bajra, ragi, cotton, jute, sugarcane, gram and tur.

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Thank you sir for these awesome videos.
great work......... . I love to watch your lecture.... on agriculture
Hello Manav:- You are doing a great Job, Don't be discouraged by number of views. Agriculture is mostly ignored by the aspirant but I say all area's are equally important as UPSC is always unpredictable and one never knows which area will be emphasized which year. So please continue with your contribution in area of your strengths.
Great work Manav.. We thank you so much for making these videos and you've lessen our burden referring to 2 or more books to gather information. Thanks much...Please continue the course.
We thank you very much for making these videos....!!!!
please try to made a video series on soils
  1. Agriculture And It's Allied Sectors-Lesson 2 By-: Manavdeep Singh Sandhu

  2. About me -Production Engineering from PEC University of Technology Appeared for CSE Mains in 2013, 2014. Hobbies-Travelling and Youtube. Follow me at USPA

  3. Bajra aka Bulrush millet aka Pearl Millet-Rainfed Kharif Crop Annual rainfall-40-50cm Ideal temperature- 25-35C. - Sown as either pure or mixed crop with cotton, jowar & ragi. Well adapted to growing in conditions of drought, low soil fertility, high temp, high soil salinity or low pH. - Sensitive to water logging, can be grown on black, alluvial and red soil - States of Maharashtra, Gujarat, U.P., Rajasthan and Haryana

  4. Ragi aka Finger Millet or Buck Wheat- Rainfed Kharif Crop - Temp- 20-30C Rainfall-50-100 cms - Soil- Red, light black, sandy loam & drained alluvium. Regions- Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala

  5. Cotton-Kharif Crop Tropical and sub-tropical areas. Temp-21C-30C. Cotton growth is retarded when temp falls below 20C. Frost is no 1 enemy of cotton. Average annual rainfall of 50-100 cms is required. Mixed with other Kharif crops such as maize, jowar, ragi. sesamum Areas- parts of Punjab, Haryana and northern Rajasthan in northwest, Gujarat and Maharashtra in the west and plateaus of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and T.N. in south

  6. Jute - Rainfall 150cm (optimum) Humidity over 80%. Temperature 24C-35C Preferred to land subjected to annual flooding - Soil- sandy loam, alluvial. -Areas-WB. (accounts for 3/4th production), Bihar and Assam

  7. Sugarcane Tropical plant but can also be grown in sub- tropical areas. Requires hot and humid climate. - Temperature- 21C-27C. Rainfall- 75-150 cms. Maximum temperature which arrests growth-50C Minimum temperature below which growth slows down- 20C - Soil- Any kind of soil that retains moisture. Regions- U.P., Punjab and Haryana in the north, Maharashtra and Gujarat in western India and T.N., Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in Southern India.

  8. Gram/Chickpea- Rainfed Rabi Crop Temperature- 20-25 C Rainfall- 40-50 cms. - Soil- Loamy and should be well drained. One or two light showers are required for its growth. - Areas- M.P., U.P., Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan are the main producers.

  9. Tur or Arhar(Pigeon Pea or Red Gram)- Rainfed Kharif Crop Warm tropical and sub tropical climate. Water logging, heavy rains, frost are injurious. Hailstorm or rain at maturity damages the entire crop. - Soil- The crop may be grown on any type of soil but sandy loam to clayey loam soils are supposed to be best. Soil must be very deep, well drained and free from soluble salts in them Major area - Maharashtra(1/3rd), U.P., Karnataka, Gujarat and M.P.