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English Language Questions For CTET/DSSSB/TETs- 2018 | Lesson:17 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we’ll discuss some good questions which have been asked in various teaching exams and will help the learners to prepare their English pedagogy section for upcoming CTET/DSSSB/TETs-2018 examinations.

Himanshi singh
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he is known by me , is a correct answer because of he is known to me is showing a state or position and here known is doing a behave not like past participle rather than an adjective.
Mam can u please provide the pdfs or notes topic wise?
All these questions were especially uploaded for the CTET 2018. Now I'm preparing for CTET 2019. Will you upload new questions or these are enough for the same?
  1. EnaLish LESSON:17 ENGLISH FOR CTET/DSSSB By Himanshi Singh

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  3. EnaLish LESSON:17 ENGLISH FOR CTET/DSSSB By Himanshi Singh

  4. Q.1 WHAT KIND OF ADJECTIVE IS USED IN THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE THESE MANGOES ARE RIPE. a. Quantitative b. Possessive c. Demonstrative d. Interrogative

  5. Q.2 HE INSISTED DOCUMENTS. SEEING THE a. On b. To c. In d. By

  6. Q.3 SELECT THE CORRECT INDIRECT SPEECH: WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME WITH US?" THEY SAID, 977 a. They asked me to go with them. b. They asked me if I would like to come with them. c. They invited me to go with them. d. They told me to come with them.

  7. Q.4 POINT OUT THE SENTENCE IN THE ACTIVE VOICE a. Why don't you have your eyes tested? b. This notice has been altered c. Boys could not have done all this damage. d. Steps had been cut in the ice by previous climbers.

  8. Q.5 WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING PHRASES HAS A DETERMINER IN IT? a. For example b. The old species c. Local disturbance d. Starved and died out

  9. Q.6 THE VERB IN THE SENTENCE "THE OLD SPECIES HAS CHANGED AND NOT REALLY DIED OUT" IS IN: a. Simple present b. Simple past c. Present perfect d. Past perfect

  10. Q.7 WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING HAS THREE DEGREES OF THE ADJECTIVE IN THEIR CORRECT FORM? a. Early- earlier- earliest b. Hot- more hot- hottest c. Easy- more easy- most easy d. Special- specialer- specialist

  11. Q.9 WHICH QUESTION IS CORRECT IN ITS STRUCTURE? a. How did she complete the task? b. How she completed the task? How did she completed the task? c. d. How she did complete the task?

  12. Se yout own constant" Himanshi Singh Let's LEARN