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English Language Questions For CTET/DSSSB/TETs- 2018 | Lesson:10 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we’ll discuss some good questions which have been asked in various teaching exams and will help the learners to prepare their English pedagogy section for upcoming CTET/DSSSB/TETs-2018 examinations.

Himanshi singh
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sir please guide me proper booklist for gs mains 2
mam sayed 7 th number ke questions ka ans b hoga plzz aap ik baar aap check kre because it is high time is a past indicater phrase so always use past indefinite tense..thank u mam
mam que 7 wrong h becoz according to rule agr it is high time se sentence ki starting ho rhi h or use Baad agr koi subject likha h to verb ki 2nd form ka use hota h otherwise ''to +V1"
please upload some videos on maths pedagogy (& English pedagogy for kvs TGT ) especially for kvs TGT. Your videos are very helpful
it is high time pass past indefinite hua
I think u should reconsider question no. 7. IT IS HIGH TIME id usually followed by a past tense though thr meaning is in present temse.

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  4. Q. 1 PICK OUT THE CORRECT SYNONYM OF THE ATTENUATE. a. Repent b. Force c. Divide d. Make thin

  5. Q.2... HE HAD NOT PAID HIS BILL HIS ELECTRICITY WAS CUT OFF. a. But b. Either c. Unless d. As

  6. Q.3 TICK THE CORRECT MEANING OF THE GIVEN PROVERB: A BIRD IN HAND IS WORTH TWO IN A BUSH. a. To be dissatisfied with what you have b. To catch two birds with your hands c. It is better to be satisfied with what you have than to try to get what is not yours d. To trap birds in bushes

  7. Q.4 WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS IS AN ADVERB? a. Apace b. Face c. Meek d. Fury

  8. Q.5 THE WORD "PARADOX' MEANS: a. Statement based on facts b. That which brings out the inner meaning c. That which is contrary to received opinion Statement based on the popular opinion

  9. Q.6 WHAT IS THE SYNONYM FOR UNDEFILED, a. Unattempted b. Undefined c. Important d. Immaculate

  10. Q.7 IT IS HIGH TIME a. He will start earning his living b. He started earning his living c. He starts earning his living d. He has started earning his living

  11. Q.9 CHOOSE THE OPPOSITE WORD TO 'FRAILTY' a. Emanciation b. Strength c. Health d. Boldness

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