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Chapter 1- Prehistoric Rock Paintings
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This lesson is on the significance of Pre historic paintings along with some images from ASI website and mapwork exercise.

Arpita Prakash
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7 months ago
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Other major sites of pre historic paintings are Mirzapur in UP ,Raigarh area in MP, Panchmarhi area in mp,South India area.
Bhimbetka is in Madhya Pradesh, some distance away from Bhopal. Lakhudiyar is in Uttarakhand near Almora -Barechhina road.
mam pls continue teaching all the chapters
Thank you mam.. Very very useful.. Nice mam
  1. PRE HISTORIC Paintings-Significance Early human beings, lifestyle, food habits, daily activities .About their mind way they thought .Great witness to evolution of human civilisation through rock weapons, tools, bones, ceramics Greatest wealth left behind by the primitive human beings Primitive people of today- they also engrave or paint on rocks as part of rituals they perform at birth, at death, at coming of age and at the time of marriage they dance, masked during hunting rites to help them kill animals difficult to find or kill

  2. Some other images from Bhimbetka (ASI website- source) India

  3. MAP WORK: 1. Bhimbetka 2. Lakhudiyar 3. Other major sites of pre historic paintings 4. Sites of historical rock cut caves- art centre, temple site, painting cave etc