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9th June, 2018 - Mudit's Magazine (Part 4)
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Mudit Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mudit Gupta
B.Tech. (ECE), LAMP Fellow (2015), Quora Top-Writer, 2018 and AIR 76 DU LLB Entrance Exam, 2016

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always very helpful sir. looking forward for more videos
thank you so much sir always waiting for your videos.
  1. MUDIT' s MAGAZINE (MM) By: Mudit Gupta

  2. ABOUT ME Born and brought up in Delhi Engineer- Electronics and Communication College- Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Sector 62, Noida CGPA 8.4/10 LAMP Fellow DU LLB entrance =AIR 76 . Interests =writing and Blogging Reading about India MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  3. 3 NEW PLUS COURSES . Re. 1 Course Fiscal Policy of India (To be launched by 8th June) GS 2 and GS 3 (Starts 20th June) - International Relations - Internal Security - Disaster Management - Important Acts and Bills Geography through maps using 350 MCQs (Starts 25th June) - Entire geography - Using maps and MCOs MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  4. EC TEAM FIND NO BOGUS VOTERS IN MP (THE HINDU, PAGE 1) Allegations Election Commission - carried out investigation 60 lakh bogus voters in MP Functions Hardly 2397 duplications Ensure free, fair and regular elections Any irregularity is corrected by the Commission

  5. EXCESSIVE ILLUMINATION CAUSED WPAT SNAG (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) Lok Sabha by-polls - Technical glitch in VVPAT They shut down automatically - Due to excessive illumination - Election Commission - Directed the manufacturers to improve the design - Also looking to change the layout of the polling booths MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  6. RESIGNATION OF YSRCP MPs WILL HAVE TO WAIT (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) Already discussed (Mudit's Magazine, 7th June) New update-Speaker has not yet accepted the resignation - Since less than 1 year left for Lok Sabha general elections - No scope of by-polls - As per the rules framed under Representation of People's Act, 1951 MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  7. US WANTS INDIA OUT OF S-400 DEAL (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) US Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, 2017 . An act passed by US Why? e To impose sanctions upon Russia Another clause of the act Countries having significant defence relation with Russia Purchase of major defence equipment EThRKyguld also face sanctions from US MUDIT'S MAGA

  8. India Purchasing S-400 Air Defence System Russia US . Warned India If India proceeds with the deal . Sanctions Under CAATSA, 2017 MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  9. CPEC IS ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) China-Pakistan India Independent relation with China Strong relation Pakistan army - Chinese arms and ammunition Not to be viewed through the prism of Sino-Pak relation China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Areas of cooperation expanding EMY

  10. DELHI CHARTS NEW LINE ON INDO-PACIFIC AREA (THE HINDU, PAGE 11) Quad Earlier perception India-Japan-Australia-USA Group to maintain peace, Quad is against China stability and security in the To counter the rise of China in Indo-Pacific region Freedom of Navigation the South China Sea MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  11. Stance of India . India wants a free, stable and peaceful Indo-Pacific . Open to engagement with all the nations, including Russia Quad- not directed against any nation Open to engagement with all the nations India . Non-alignment policy . Quad should not be seen as joining the US power block Quad . Just one of the multilateral engagements of India MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  12. INDO-PACIFIC REGION France Spain Turkey Turkmenista China South Korea Iraq East China Sea Algeria LibyaEgypt Saudi A India (Burma) Mali Niger Chad Sudan South China sea Bay of Benga INDO-PACIFIC REGION Nigeria South Sudan Ethiop Gulf of Guinea alsa Gabon DR Congo Tanzania Banda Se Papua New Arafura AngolaZambia Zimbabwe Namibia Coral Sea Botswana Indian ocean SA South Africa Great Austraian MUDIT S MAGAZINE-UNACADE

  13. Asia-Pacific - Narrow region Indo-Pacific-Wider region Implication When a policy mentions 'Asia Pacific . It means it is a narrower policy . India is not a part of Asia-Pacific . From East Coast of Africa to Australia and West Coast of South and North America Indo-Pacific.Wider Policy Covers large area India is a part of Indo-Pacific MUDIT S MAGAZINE- UNACADEMY

  14. JAGUAR DEVELOPS SNAG WHILE LANDING (THE HINDU, PAGE 7) Fighter jet . Co-developed by Britain and France Jaguar Used by India Oman Features Twin engine plane . Fighter jet . To serve India till 2025-30 MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  15. Natural . Manmade Reason for high Uranium contamination Excessive utilization of groundwater This reduces the ground water level What is the manmade reason? . Provides perfect conditions for oxidation . As the oxidation in the shallow water takes place Uranium gets enriched

  16. Who looks after the drinking water standard in India? Despite high level of Uranium contamination Bureau of Indian Standard What is the safe Uranium level ? Uranium has not been included In the list of contaminants By BIS 30 Microgram per Litre As prescribed by WHO and US Environmental Protection Agency MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  17. INDONESIA WINS UNSC VOTE (THE HINDU, PAGE 12) UNSC Non-Permanent Members Elected by 5 members Voting General 2 years Assembly years5 term elected each year 15 member secret ballot 10 Non- Permanent Permanent MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEM

  18. Election for the Non-Permanent members . Contest between Indonesia and Maldives Indonesia Secured 2/3rd of the Votes . General Assembly Whom did India vote for? . Not disclosed . Voting by secret ballot MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  19. TRUMP CALLS FOR RUSSIA TO BE READMITTED INTO G7 BLOC (THE HINDU, PAGE 12) G7 Summit . Quebec, Canada . 7 industrialized nations of the world e Protectionism, Unilateralism, inward looking policy, Issues tariff barriers Trump -pitching for inclusion of Russia in G7 . Fault lines . Differences MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  20. XI HONOURS PUTIN WITH MEDAL (THE HINDU, PAGE 12) China has given "Friendship Medal" . Russia What is Friendship Medal? . A medal given by China to foreigners . Who have contributed to Chinese growth and global peace Growing Sino-Russia relation . US President has termed both the states as economic rivals MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  21. MATTALA (SRI LANKA) Negombo nerta Prt Bandaranaike Katunayake EPZ Nuwara Eliya Colombo( yaganna EPZ Okanda Nationa Southern Nationalpark Mattalaeonal Park Debarawewa Mattala International Air Port Hambantota Galle Matara MUDIT S MAGAZINE- UNACADEMY

  22. IDLIB (SYRIA) Syria Map TURKEY Al Hasak Alepp Ar Ragqah 3. cn Lata Tarmele.twitHarm.henSYRIA geir Az Tartus, M-ar Homs Palmyra Abu Kamal Beirut IRAQ Damascus nant uhaytira araa .Sweida MUD NAD ORDAN

  23. GAZA STRIP (ISRAEL) STATE OF Sea of Galilee Golan Heights SYRIA Haifa P A L E S T I N E Nazareth I S R A E L Irbid Hadera... Janin Tulkarm o Jerash Qalqilya ONablus West TEL AVIV toe Bot Yamo Ramla AMMAN Ramallah Sarent Jericho O Rehovot J OR D A N JERUSALEM EAST O JERUSALE Bethlehem Kiryat Stock Gaza 1 Dea GatO Gaza Sea Hebron Strip 6per lh kban Yunis o Beer Sheva Ratah O Kerak I S R A E L O Dimona E GYPT MUDITS MAGAZ

  24. ASSET RECONSTRUCTION COMPANY BANKER'S COMMITTEE TO CONSIDER ARC (INDIAN EXPRESS, PAGE 17) . PANEL TO MULL ARC FOR STRESSED ASSETS (THE HINDU, PAGE 13) Committee formed to examine setting up of Asset Reconstruction Company / Asset Management Company for faster resolution of stressed assets of Public Sector Banks: Shri Piyush Goyal (PIB) MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  25. 10 Lakh Crore 8.9 Lakh Crore NPAs of the country Public Sector Banks MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  26. 2.25 LAKH COMPANIES MAY BE STRUCK OFF (INDIAN EXPRESS, PAGE 17) Suspected This yearshell firms 2017-18 Why? 2.26 Lakh firms 2.25 lakh Delisted from the list of Registrar of Companies For not filing returns for the past 2 years continuously Similar firms identified Under Companies Act, 2013 UN