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14th June, 2018 - Mudit's Magazine (Part 3)
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Mudit Gupta
B.Tech. (ECE), LAMP Fellow (2015), Quora Top-Writer, 2018 and AIR 76 DU LLB Entrance Exam, 2016

Unacademy user
which date's editorial is being discussed? as I don't find any such article in the Hindu (Lucknow edition)?
Bhat Shafqat
2 years ago
Rajas Doshi
2 years ago
India proposed oil buyers club this is bcz of asian premium???
Preety Chahar
a year ago
Yes, ofcourse,
Rajas Doshi
a year ago
  1. MUDIT' s MAGAZINE (MM) By: Mudit Gupta

  2. ABOUT ME Born and brought up in Delhi Engineer- Electronics and Communication College- Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Sector 62, Noida CGPA 8.4/10 LAMP Fellow DU LLB entrance =AIR 76 . Interests =writing and Blogging Reading about India MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  3. 2 NEW PLUS COURSES . GS 2 and GS 3 (Starts 2oth June) - International Relations - Internal Security Disaster Management Important Acts and Bills Geography through maps using 350 MCQs (Starts 25th June) - Entire geography Using maps and MCQs MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  4. US FEDERAL RESERVE RAISES INTEREST RATES (INDIAN EXPRESS, PAGE 19) Federal Reserve Why? Projection . Rate would be Increased the interest rate 0.25% . Inflation - well within target . GDP - Normal increased further . Somewhere Growth between 1.75- 2% Employment - increasing MODIT SMAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  5. INDIA, CHINA DISCUSS OIL BUYERS CLUB (THE HINDU, PAGE 15) Group of oil producing nations Reducing the production to increase the prices Collective power to dictate terms OPEC OPEC Supplies 60% of India's crude oil demand Indian Stance Diversifying- buying more crude from US Oil Buyer's club ACADEMY

  6. What is Oil Buyers Club? Why? A group oaf Oil importing hationSTo have collective bargain power Proposed by India To include - China, Japan and South Korea . Bulk purchasers MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  7. BHARAT-22 ETF OFFER TO OPEN ON JUNE 19 (THE HINDU, PAGE 15) What is Bharat-22? Why ? What is ETF? . Basket of securities . Traded together on the Exchange Traded Fund ofTo disinvest in the PSU's the Government of India To raise capital exchange MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  8. PRABHU'S VISIT FAILS TO RESOLVE ISSUES (THE HINDU, PAGE 14) What is Data Localization ? India-US trade Price Control ISsUes Data Localization requirement by RBI Collect all the data of Indians in India only Price Control on medical devices made by US companies Maximum ceiling has been imposed Process that in India India's case against You cannot take that out

  9. SAUDI-LED COALITION LAUNCHES ATTACK ON YEMEN'S PORT CITY (THE HINDU, PAGE 14) What is the issue of Yemen? Mansour Hadi Government Saudi Arabia Along with its allies - such as UAE, Kuwait . Mansour Hadi Government . Replaced by Houthis Sunni . Backed by . Launched attack on Yemen Saudi Arabia

  10. Between Iran and Saudi led forces . An ethnic group of Yemen Shia Muslims . Backed by Iran Who are Cold Houthis 2 war Saudi led Iran forces wants . Mansour Hadi . Houthis to come to power