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11th June, 2018 - Mudit's Magazine (Part 6)
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Mudit Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mudit Gupta
B.Tech. (ECE), LAMP Fellow (2015), Quora Top-Writer, 2018 and AIR 76 DU LLB Entrance Exam, 2016

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thank you so much sir....
Brother, lateral entry se nepotism hone k chances b toh h na
he is bankim Chandra chatergee...
  1. MUDIT' s MAGAZINE (MM) By: Mudit Gupta

  2. ABOUT ME Born and brought up in Delhi Engineer- Electronics and Communication College- Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Sector 62, Noida CGPA 8.4/10 LAMP Fellow DU LLB entrance =AIR 76 . Interests =writing and Blogging Reading about India MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  3. 3 NEW PLUS COURSES . Re. 1 Course Fiscal Policy of India (To be launched by 8th June) GS 2 and GS 3 (Starts 20th June) - International Relations - Internal Security - Disaster Management - Important Acts and Bills Geography through maps using 350 MCQs (Starts 25th June) - Entire geography - Using maps and MCOs MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  4. NEW ORDINANCE TO BE INVOKED AGAINST MALLAYA (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) Government has passed Why? Fugitive Economic Offenders Ordinance . To attach and dispose the assets . Fugitives . Both India and Abroac MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  5. BANKIM IS BJP ICON IN BENGAL (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) Bankim ChandraBengali Author (19th Century) Anandmath (based on Sanyasi Rebellion) Vande Matram o Chattopadhyay . National Song 1882 (Year is important) . Written in Bengali (Language is important) MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  6. GOVERNMENT OPEN DOORS TO LATERAL ENTRY (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) Lateral entry rHigher posts of civil services Private sector people Invited . Why? . To bring their expertise in the policy making Fresh outlook . Devoid of bureaucratic mindset Nodal Department Department of Personnel and Training Contract CADEMY 3-5 Years

  7. NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SURVEY (INDIAN EXPRESS, PAGE 8) National Survey Students of10th . Conducted by NCERT . Government and Private Schools . Tested on 5 areas Maths Science English Modern Indian Language Social Science class MUDITS MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  8. Result Weakest Strong- English and Modern Indian Language Maths Science

  9. INDIA REBELANCING TIES WITH PAKISTAN TO OPEN PATH TO EURASIA (THE HINDU, PAGE 1) India Rejected Belt and Road Initiative . Sovereignty issues . Passes through Pok No double standards (i.e. no differentiation between good and Terrorism bad terror) . Unified global effort under the umbrella of UN e Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT) to be signed at UN . Connectivity with Central Asia under SCO framework . Maintaining the trade rules and WTO regime MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  10. BRITISH WOMEN CELEBRATE 100 YEARS OF RIGHT TO VOTE (THE HINDU, PAGE 18) 1918 . British Parliament . Representation of Right to Vote to Women . Above the age of 30 People Act Having property MUDIT'S MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  11. Earlier NATO forces were there . They controlled Taliban Context After the exit of NATO forces OTaliban making advances in Afghanistan . Captured large number of rural areas . Unable to stop them Afghan forces . Taliban - unable to capture the Also, Government Crux- neither side is gaining anything MUDIT'S MAGAZINE- UNACADEM


  13. Where would the money come from ? To buy the loans of the banks . Ownership structure . Private Sector - already large Challenges of PARA number of ARCs .Why duplication of efforts owned . Strict vigil from CVC and CAG . Since it would be Government MUDIT'S MAGAZINE -UNACADEMY

  14. Improve the governance structure of banks .Transparent procedure to appoint CEO and MDs Amend the Prevention of Corruption Act .Why? Way Forward . To give immunity to the bank workers from CAG and CVC . Due to this threat- no bold action Rather than mergers and acquisitions - more focus on governance Strengthen IBC