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7th June, 2018 - Mudit's Magazine (Part 6)
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Mudit Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mudit Gupta
B.Tech. (ECE), LAMP Fellow (2015), Quora Top-Writer, 2018 and AIR 76 DU LLB Entrance Exam, 2016

Unacademy user
mam you should try to speak more freely and try Hindi if you stutter more in English. anyway a good lesson
Dr Swasti Sinha
a year ago
thank you for your nice comment
a year ago
watch in 1.25 times faster
Hi sir have a doubt that if there is lack of transportation and that led to a death of a person on the way to to hospital for delivery will that counted under maternal mortality ratio ?
Sumesh Es
a year ago
If it is during a pregnancy(taking birth while travelling to hospital) then it will be counted under maternal mortality ration.
sir your teaching is great...plsss continue this lesson........
thanks a lot for this awesome compilation ..! please continue this course.
thanks sir try to both Hind and English
  1. MUDIT' s MAGAZINE (MM) By: Mudit Gupta

  2. ABOUT ME Born and brought up in Delhi Engineer- Electronics and Communication College- Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Sector 62, Noida CGPA 8.4/10 LAMP Fellow DU LLB entrance =AIR 76 . Interests =writing and Blogging Reading about India MUDITS MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  3. 3 NEW PLUS COURSES . Re. 1 Course Fiscal Policy of India (To be launched by 8th June) GS 2 and GS 3 (Starts 20th June) - International Relations - Internal Security - Disaster Management - Important Acts and Bills Geography through maps using 350 MCQs (Starts 25th June) - Entire geography - Using maps and MCOs MUDITS MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  4. MATERNAL MORTALITY RATIO Maternal Mortality Ratio in the country drop to 130 from 167 (The Hindu, Page 7) Drop in the Maternal Mortality Ratio (Indian Express, Page 13) MUDIT's MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  5. What is Maternal Deaths per 1,o0,000 (1 Lakh) live births Mortality Ratio? hen is a death counted NOTE Deaths due to Death of a female is counted in MMR either during pregnancy or if she passes away within 42 days of the delivery accidents are not counted MMR of India has declined . Earlier -167 (2011-13) . Now 130 (2014-16) Why in news? MUDITS MAS UNAC

  6. International Standards Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 139 MMR by 2015 . So we have achieved this target e 70 . Under the Sustainable Development What is the latest target? Goals . To be achieved by 2030 MUDITS MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  7. What is SRS? Using 'SAMPLE REGISTRATION Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India SURVEY It is a sample household survey Ministry of Home Affairs . To collect data related to demography, reproduction, birth and death How is this data calculated? Ok, who has established this? MUDITS MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  8. SRS . Divides the country into 3 parts Most vulnerable group Having the worst Socio-economic indicators Empowered Action Group Bihar, MP, UP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand Chattisgarh, Odisha, Uttarakhand . This group has shown the maximum improvement in MMR Southerr States Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, AP Telangana Other . Includes all remaining states and Uts MUDITS MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  9. DEPARTMENT OF SPACE (PIB) cabinet approves Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark-11|Continuation Programme . Cabinet approves Continuation Programme for Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark-IlI MUDIT's MAGAZINE UNACADEMY

  10. - Union Cabinet Gave approval to ISRC Produce Launch Vehicles - - 2 Types of launch vehicles PSLV (Can carry satellites of up to 2 tons) GSLV Mark-III (Can carry satellites of up to 4 tons) - . Government Approval for finances MUDITS MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  11. World Bank approves Rs. 6,000 crore Atal Bhujal Yojana (PIB) Ministry of Water Resources River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Central Sector Scheme . 100% funded by Central Government Partner World Bank e5 years Duration 2018-2022 MUDIT's MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY

  12. YSRCP MPs RESUBMIT THEIR RESIGNATION (THE HINDU, PAGE 10) Rules under Representation of People's Act, 1951 If more than 1 year is left for Lok Sabha elections If less than 1 year is left for Lok Sabha elections . If a seat goes vacant Election Commission .Then there are 2 No by-polls would be held shall hold the by- polls within 6 months possible scenarios MUDITS MAGAZINE-UNACADEMY