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7th December: PIB Summary in Hindi in <10 minutes for UPSC CSE
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7th December 2016's important news from the releases on Press Information Bureau (PIB) have been summarized in this lesson. The covered issues range from Scramjet Technology, Right to Delivery of Service, Capital Goods Sector, Assessing Dasal Beema Yojana, Labour Laws Codification, Advanced Heavy Water Reactor Technology, Brainstorming Questions and much more.Please ask all your doubts in the comments section.

Yasmin Gill
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pls tall in ancient Egypt history
Your explanation is really good. It had really lessened my efforts as being a working professional, I was finding very less or no time at all to go through PIB website. Additionally, inclusion of topics from a newspapers is really appreciable. If you find time, also include articles from LiveMint as it also provides good columns. And last but not the least, Thank you very much. Keep it up.
1.Pressurised heavy water reactors- used(uranium+ deuterium oxide = plutonium ) 2nd is Fast Breeder Reactor - used(plutonium- uranium mixed oxide = uranium 233)& 3rd is mention by ma'am is Thorium- uranium 233 release ENERGY.
Vipan bhagat
3 years ago
second stage uses Mixed Oxide made from plutonium 239(Spent fuel of first stage)and natural uranium (u-238)=Uranium 233
Homeopath originated in Germany. Unani medicine originated in Greece. India's nuclear 1st stage based on NATURAL URANIUM. 2nd stage based on PLUTONIUM + THORIUM. Thankyou Ma'am.
Shashikant Kumar
3 years ago
Yaa it's right..
Homeopathy originated in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann.Unani medicine is originated in Greece by physicians Hippocrates and Galen.
1st stage nuclear power plant is Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor and 2nd is Fast Breeder Reactor.......
  1. About me .Yasmin Gill BE(EEE) from UIET,PU .Qualified for UPSC Mains 2015 in 1st attempt State rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015 .You can follow me on this link- Irvuserlyashia

  2. MISSION 1000



  5. Haj Programme Management including administration of Haj Committee Act has been transferred from Ministry of External Affairs to the Ministry of Minority Affairs Ministry manages it in coordination with Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Haj Committee of India (HCol) and Consulate General of India (CGI), Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  7. AYUSH Medicine Systems Insurance coverage to Ayurvedic treatment Co-location of AYUSH facilities at Primary Health Centres (PHCs) etc. Tribal Health Care Research Program started by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences -involves studies of tribal people; documentation of folk claims and Local Health Traditions . Support for Medicinal Plants

  8. AYUSH Medicine Systems All India Institute of Ayurveda -New Delhi All India Institute of Homoeopathy -Delhi .All India Institute of Unani Medicine -Ghaziabad


  10. Right to delivery of service .A grievance can be lodged on Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring Systenm (CPGRAMS) from anywhere, anytime Grievances monitored through Pro-Active platform Laws like the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 etc. Governance and Timely lmplementation (PRAGATI) Delivery of Services and Grievances Redress Scheme +Citizens' Charter


  12. Assessing PMFBY Coverage to 26.50% farmers and at this rate it is likely to exceed target of 30% coverage for both Kharif and Rabi seasons The achievements in Kharif 2016 as compared to 2015-notable specially as in Kharif 2015 -enrolment shot up after prolonged drought, but this year - normal monsoons & window for availing insurance was smaller Quantum jump in coverage of non-loanee farmers

  13. Loss making CPSE's 77 CPSEs suffered losses during 2014-15 Sectoral break-up: (i) Agriculture (4) () Mining (4) (ii) Manufacturing (44) (iv) Services (25) Reasons-old and obsolete plant and machinery, low capacity utilization, excess manpower, weak marketing strategies, stiff competition, dependence on Govt. orders, heavy interest burden, high input cost, etc. G:-Is GOl's idea of strategic sales of CPSE's a right policy in wake of rising loss making CPSE's in India?

  14. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Expansion of mandate of DMIC Project Implementation Trust Fund and its re-designation as National Industrial Corridor Development Implementation Trust (NICDIT) NICDIT -apex body under -control of DIPP-For coordinated and unified development of all the industrial corridors in the country DMICDC -knowledge partner to NICDIT Apex Monitoring Authority under chairpersonship of Finance Minister

  15. Advanced Heavy Water Reactor Technology . Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), a constituent unit of Department of Atomic Energy It is a thorium fuel based heavy water moderated and boiling light water cooled reactor Will provide impetus for third stage of India's Nuclear Power Programme Will also provide benefits for post Fukushima related improvements for other operating / under-construction reactors

  16. Advanced Heavy Water Reactor Technology Less polluting Thorium more in India as compared to Uranium Produce most of power from thorium, with no significant external input of uranium Thorium can sustain a thermal breeding cycle using external fissile materials like uranium-235, plutonium or an accelerator driven neutrorn source The cycle produces virtually no plutonium The waste products contain low amounts of long-lived alpha-emiters

  17. Scramjet Engine Supersonic Combustion Ramjet Nearly 70% of the propellant (fuel-oxidiser combination) carried by today's launch vehicles consists of oxidiser Next generation launch vehicles -utilise atmospheric oxygen during their flight -reduce the total propellant required Ramjet, Scramjet and Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ) -air-breathing engines BASIC WORKING-Air gets sucked in from the front, fuel burns in middle and exhaust gas comes out of the back generating thrust Scramjets-highly inefficient at low speeds & efficiency increases at supersonic speeds

  18. Scramjet Engine ISRO currently uses rocket launch vehicles like PSLV-expendable (can only be used once) Scramjets use ambient air to burn fuel-saving need to carry oxidizer Scramjetengine technology is a complex technology which is yet to be fully proven worldwide The technology will be useful only during the atmospheric phase of the flight

  19. India International Science Festival IISF-2016-New Delhi Focus on "Science for the Masses" Ministry of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences has taken the initiative

  20. Earthquake Prone Areas .Bureau of Indian Standards-country into four seismic zones, viz. Zone Il, IlI, IV and V Zone V-seismically most active and Zone Il -least Zone - V -northeastern India, parts of J & K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, part of North Bihar and Andaman & Nicobar Islands Change of ground water table and other anthropological activities and their influence on earthquake occurrence studied Only trigger an earthquake but not cause an earthquake Main cause -is tectonic forces.